The Kissing Booth 2 (Movie Spoiler/Summary)

Year: 2020
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the second movie of Kissing Booth, released in 2018.

Noah and Elle are trying to make their relationship work while being away from each other. Noah is at Harvard while Elle is finishing high school and is working on her applications for college. The biggest issue in their relationship was the thought of Noah cheating on Elle – because Noah is friends with a beautiful girl named Chloe, and they kept hanging out. When Elle visited Noah, she read their conversation and found Chloe’s earring under his bed. This really hurt Elle, and she’s now having second thoughts about their relationship.

Elle is busy with the practice for a dance competition that she’d be taking part in. She decided to join to use the money for college since she also considered applying for other Universities aside from UC Berkeley (which breaks one of the rules with Lee, but she hasn’t told him yet.) Elle is dancing with Marco, a hot new student in their school, since Lee hurt his ankle during the practice. (Truth is, he just pretended to be stretched so he could spend more time with Rachel since Elle being always around them has become an issue in their relationship.)

Noah came and watched without telling Elle during the dance competition, but he was surprised because, after Elle’s and Marco’s performance, the two of them kissed. Elle saw Noah and chased after him after it was announced that they had won.

During their Thanksgiving dinner, Chloe was also there, and this hurt Elle even more even though she had her own mistake that she should be sorry for. During dinner, Elle, Lee, Rachel, and Noah argued. Lee was mad at Elle for not telling him that she was applying to other universities. Rachel is still angry at Elle for what happened during the Halloween dance (once again, she was left out by Elle & Lee). Rachel thought that Lee had explained to Elle that her presence had become an issue, but it turns out he didn’t. Elle also handed over Chloe’s earring, and Noah was shocked. The truth was, the earring was in Noah’s room because she crashed in his place once while Noah wasn’t around. The two of them are just friends. She came over so that Noah could prove that they really were just friends.

Noah and Chloe went to the airport without having the chance to talk while Lee and Elle proceeded with the kissing booth.

In the kissing booth, Lee and Rachel could fix their relationship (set up by Elle). Elle and Marco also had the chance to talk, and Elle told him that she had feelings for him, but it just wasn’t him because it has always been Noah. With that realization, Elle went to the airport to chase after Noah. When she arrived at the airport, Chloe told her that Noah had gone to the kissing booth.

Noah and Elle met up at their place where they first kissed – and they were able to fix their issue. Noah assured her that Chloe was just a friend, Elle assured him that she was not in love with Marco.

After their graduation, Lee revealed that he got accepted to Berkeley; however, Elle got waitlisted on all colleges.

In the end, Elle got a letter from Harvard confirming her acceptance. She knew that it would be an issue because it breaks one of the rules with Lee, and Harvard is really expensive.

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