Rumor Has It (Movie Spoiler/Summary)

Year: 2005
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sarah Huttinger went back to Pasadena with her fiancé to attend her sister’s wedding. While at home, she discovers that her family was the inspiration behind the book and movie “The Graduate.” This movie is about a man who slept with an older woman and later with that woman’s daughter. Sarah discovers that Beau Burroughs slept with her Grandma and then slept with her mother before she got married.

Sarah has always wondered why she is so different from her family, and she suspects that Beau could be her father. So she looked for him after her sister’s wedding and found him at an event. The two of them drank, had fun, and clarified that Beau is not her father because he is sterile. The two of them ended up sleeping together. Beau asked Sarah to spend more time with him and invited her to a ball the next day. Sarah eventually agreed, and on that ball, she met Beau’s son – and Sarah freaked out because it meant that Beau lied about being sterile, and he could still be her father.

Beau explained that his son was conceived with the help of a sperm donor, but he has no plans on telling him. Sarah understood and was relieved – the two of them kissed, and as they kissed, Sarah’s fiancé, Jeff, arrived. Sarah tried to chase him but could not make him stay. Sarah went home to her Grandma and told her everything, including that she slept with Beau.

Sarah’s younger sister Annie had a panic attack, and Sarah comforted her. They had a great talk, and Sarah also told her all about Beau. As they were talking, Beau arrived and spoke to Sarah’s Grandma. Beau eventually had the chance to talk to Sarah. Sarah made it clear that she didn’t plan on being involved with him.

Sarah and her father talked – it turns out he knew about her mother and Beau in Mexico, and he didn’t hold a grudge because he knows that Sarah’s mother loves him and not Beau. He also clarified that Sarah was conceived when her mother came back from Mexico.
Sarah went to see Jeff and tried asking for his forgiveness. She even told him that she was willing to marry him anytime from now. Jeff was hesitant since he was still hurt. When Sarah was leaving, Jeff caught up with her and just asked that their daughter would need to stay away from Beau.

Sarah and Jeff got married.

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