The Wrong Missy (Movie Spoiler/Summary)

Year: 2020
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tim thought that he invited the woman of her dreams named Melissa on a work retreat to Hawaii. He met Melissa in an airport where they bumped, switched bags, talked, and made out. They exchanged numbers, and Tim invited him to Hawaii, and she said yes. However, it turns out Tim asked the wrong girl since he texted Missy.

Missy is a girl he went on a blind date with 3 months ago, and it was a disaster. Missy was a girl Tim’s grandmother met, and she is weird, awkward, and wild. The opposite of Melissa, whom he thought would come.

Tim previously told some of his colleagues about the girl she’s going to bring – he described Melissa, so he wanted Missy to stay in their room during the retreat. However, Missy partied, got intoxicated, and humiliated Tim.

Missy was always causing trouble; she even jeopardized the marriage of Tim’s boss. When Missy got aware of it, she tried to reverse it and ended up hypnotizing Tim’s boss to like him. Tim was impressed, and they eventually started having fun.

Tim’s ex was also at the retreat and saw him being happy with Missy. She, later on, knocked on their bedroom, wanting to tell Tim that she still had feelings for him, but it was Missy who answered. Missy suggested that the three of them have sex so that they would have closure. The three of them got ready to have sex, but Tim’s ex-fiancé ended up living because it looked like Tim and Missy were having fun with each other.

Tim realized that he had started to like Missy, and just in time, Missy read the conversation on Tim’s phone. It was between him and Melissa, telling her that he mistakenly invited the wrong Missy. Missy got angry and informed Melissa to come over as she left. Tim, later on, admitted to Melissa that she has started to like Missy, and she assured him that it’s beautiful with her.

Tim kept texting Missy, but she no longer wanted to meet him. Tim quit his job and broke the hypnosis that Missy placed on his boss.

Tim & Missy met again when Tim set up a blind date for the two of them to meet. They were able to make up.

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