Lavender (Movie Spoiler / Summary)

Year: 2016
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Jane likes taking photos of old houses. After being involved in a car accident, she began getting haunted, and she was advised to visit her origin to help her heal – since she was an orphan. She talked to her Uncle, who told her that her late family was murdered in their own house. She lived in that house to heal from the trauma, and her family’s ghosts helped her remember what really happened – it was her own Uncle who killed her family. He was abusing Jane’s sister and killing everyone when he got busted. Jane was the only one who survived. After remembering what had happened, Jane locked her Uncle in the house and let the ghosts of her family handle him.

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Forever Winter

Just reading and writing my way out of this messy adult life! I have transitioned from having piles of notebooks stacked underneath my bed from writing on the internet and allowing people worldwide to read.

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