Forever My Girl (Movie Spoiler / Summary)

Year: 2018
Genre: Romantic Drama
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

On their supposed wedding day, Josie’s boyfriend, Liam, did not show up. She never saw him again after that. Liam’s career is booming. He is already a very well-known country singer, but he listens to Josie’s voice every day by playing again the message she left him.

While watching the news, he saw that his friend back home died in a car accident – so he decided to go home and attend his funeral. When Josie saw him, she punched him real hard.

He stayed home for a while, visiting Josie every now and then. After a few visits, he met her daughter named Billy, who was 7 years old. It turned out that they had a daughter. He never had the chance to know because he never answered her calls back then, and he didn’t even call her back.

Liam tried his best to be a great Dad for Josie, and they both bonded while they were home. He also reconciled with Josie, and he took her on a date and publicized their relationship. However, while preparing dinner, Liam and Billy ate hotdogs side by side, and he did not notice that Billy was choking – it scared everyone because she was no longer breathing. He felt guilty; he hated himself for not doing anything and being careless, so he left them again.

He went back to the city and went on with his career. Josie and Billy were devastated. While he was on his way to another tour, he talked to his manager, realizing that he should be going back instead of constantly running away. He decided to go home. While on his way, he responded to the voicemail Josie left her after all those years. He told her that every day he listens to her voice, the reason why he keeps his old phone with him.

Josie has forgiven him and took him back after he promised that he will never leave them again.

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