In Time (Movie Spoiler / Summary)

Year: 2011
Genre: Science Fiction / Action
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

On their supposed wedding day, Josie’s boyfriend, Liam, did not show up. She never saw him again after that. Liam’s career is booming. He is already a very well known country singer, but every day he listens to Josie’s voice by pla

They live in a world where money is their currency. The clock starts at the age of 25.  When the time runs out, they instantly die.

Paul Salas lives with his mother, both of them working very hard to keep up with the bills. While hanging in a bar, Paul saw a man buying everyone drinks – this man got a hundred years, spending it freely. Paul then warns the man to leave because he knows that he will be robbed. True enough, some armed men went inside and tried taking the time. While puking in the bathroom, Paul helped the man escape.

When they were both safe, the man then revealed that he did it on purpose. He already lived enough and no longer wanted to continue living; when Paul woke up, the man’s time was transferred to him. When he looked out at the window, the man had fallen from the bridge.

Since Paul already had a hundred years, he gave 10 years to his friend and arranged to meet his mother. When his mother was on her way, she only had 1hr and 30 minutes. The bus fare was 2 hours. If she walks, it will also take her two hours. Left with no choice, she ran. Paul waited for his mother, but when she didn’t arrive, he ran to meet her. Her clock was ticking, and by the time she reached her son’s arms, she was already out of time.

Paul decided to go to Greenwich. He rented a suite and played in a casino where he met the time loaning businessman Philippe Weis and his daughter, Sylvia. Paul won the game and got himself another hundred years. Philippe invited Paul to his residence, where they agreed to play poker once again.

At the Weis’ residence, the timekeeper arrived and confiscated the years from Paul. Left with no choice, he took Sylvia as a hostage. While running away from the timekeeper, Sylvia was robbed, and now both of them are short of time – Sylvia decided to pawn her diamond earrings. To be able to survive, both of them stole. It also got to the point where they rob the Weis time banks. They took enough for the both of them and urged everyone else to take some too. To be able to make a difference, they decided to rob Philippe Weis.

They were able to get a million years from Philippe, and they gave it away to help. The timekeeper followed them. The timekeeper eventually died while trying to stop them.

In the end, some people from Dayton went to Greenwich, while Paul and Sylvia looked for bigger banks to rob.

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