Midnight Sun (Movie Spoiler / Summary)

Year: 2018
Genre: Romantic Drama
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Katie Price has XP, and she stayed indoors nearly all her life because the slightest exposure to sunlight can kill her. From her bedroom window, she watched as a boy named Charles passed by each day. She lives with her father and has one best friend named Morgan.

While Katie played guitar and sang by the train station (permitted by her father as part of her graduation celebration), she was homeschooled). Charles passed by, saw Katie, and approached her while she was singing. Katie was so stunned that she panicked and hurriedly ran away – leaving her notebook that contained the lyrics of the song she wrote.

When Katie remembered her notebook, she asked her best friend, Morgan, to get it from Charlie. Morgan and Charlie met, but Charlie demanded to ask for Katie’s name, and Morgan got an idea – she set up the both of them to meet.

Katie eventually started hanging out with Charles by night. Charles was introduced to her father, and one night, they were allowed to stay longer for an actual date. They ate, they listened to live music, Katie sang in front of a crowd, and they went swimming in the middle of the night with just their undergarments. After swimming, they simply laid down and talked, then Charlie told Katie to be ready for a beautiful sunset – and Katie panicked.

Katie ran as fast as she could, and Charles ran with her, although he had no idea what they were running for. Katie hurriedly went home without looking back, and Charles was left at the door wondering. Katie’s Dad and Morgan arrived after looking for them. They were apprehensive. Sadly, Katie was exposed to sunlight and became sick.

It was Morgan who told Charles about Katie’s XP, and he did his own research. Katie locked herself indoors and refused to see Charles. Aware that she was dying, she set up a dating account for her father, and her father realized that he should do something for Katie to make her happier. He invited Charles, and they reconciled, even though Katie tried breaking up with him. Charles suggested that they try to work it out and have the best summer they could have. Katie encouraged Charles to start swimming again, and in return, he took her to a recording studio where she recorded “Charlie’s Song.”

Charles began swimming again and was accepted for a scholarship while Katie’s health deteriorated. While they were hanging at home, Charles announced that she would be tending a boat because the owners would be coming back. Katie requested to come along – which means she will be exposed to sunlight – and with that, she died.

While Charles was on his way to college, “Charlie’s Song” played on the radio.

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