You (Seasons 1 – 3) – Netflix TV Series Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the series. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to watch it first before proceeding - you can watch / download the movie from Netflix - click here to sign up

Season 1

The first season was devoted to Guinevere Beck. Joe Goldberg (the main protagonist) saw Beck in the bookstore he works from and the moment he saw her, he immediately started stalking her. He stalked her social media accounts, found out where she lived, got inside and went through her belongings. As he followed her around, he had a chance to get to know her. For Beck, it was a mere coincidence. For Joe, it was all planned.

They ended up dating. Joe had to go through a couple of murders just to finally have a peaceful relationship with Beck. He killed her ex-boyfriend (Benji) and her best friend (Peach Salinger) who secretly liked her. They broke up for a while due to how jealous Joe had become while Buck was still grieving for her best friend. Joe was jealous of Beck’s therapist,  Dr. Nicky – yet he couldn’t prove it. He eventually was able to prove it when they got back together, Beck admitted it but they were able to get past that issue.

They seemed to be okay together – not until Beck found the box Joe had hidden, and it contained belongings of those he had previously killed. Left with no choice, Joe locked up Beck in the bookstore’s basement (inside a glass book vault where he usually locks up his prisoners). Beck was freaking out but eventually calmed down after a few days of being locked up. She wrote a manuscript and offered it to Joe, suggesting that they blame Beck’s therapist. Joe still ended up killing Beck – and publishing the manuscript she wrote as her memoir.

Season 2

The second season  – he moved to LA to start fresh. Although the main reason why she moved was because of her ex girlfriend, Candace Stone. He dated her even before he met Beck. He kept being haunted by her memory even when he was already dating Beck. They broke up because Joe got jealous, and Candace was ready to leave him – she already cheated on him with a producer. Joe killed that producer, and attempted to kill Candace by burying her. Except, she made it out alive and was able to find Joe and have her revenge.

In his new life, Joe worked in a grocery (Anavrin) café where he manages the little library. He met Love Quinn, and started finding out about her. However, he controlled himself because he is currently not looking for romance even though he liked Love a lot. Love liked him too – and they ended up dating. Love Quinn and her family own the grocery, and they’re generally rich. He has a twin brother Forty Quinn, and Joe got close to him too. At one of Quinn’s family gatherings, Forty introduced her newly met girlfriend – and it turned out to be Candace, pretending to be an indie film producer.

Love has always been protective of his brother so she hired a private investigator to learn about Candace – and found out that she’s lying about her identity. She asked her to stay away in exchange for money. Before Candice left, she warned Love about how dangerous Joe is.

Joe & Love briefly broke up. Love was previously married, but her husband died. While she and Joe were apart, she started dating her husband’s best friend. Meanwhile, Joe hooked up with his landlord, Delilah Alves.

Joe also started working on a film with Forty.  Forty uses drugs, so while they were working, he slipped some drugs on Joe’s drink and they got high.. the next day, Joe could not remember everything that happened the previous night, although he recalls having blood in his hands.

Prior to working with Forty for a film, he already decided to leave again because he’s about to get caught. Delilah found Joe’s storage unit where he keeps his large glass cage. Joe arrived before Delilah can leave, and he imprisoned her inside the cage. He doesn’t have plans to kill her – he also cares for Delilah’s younger sister. Joe also knows that if he releases Delilah, she will surely run straight to the police. This is when he decided to use an electronic handcuff that unlocks itself after 16 hours – Joe plans that by the time Delilah is free, he has already left the city. However, because he got high while hanging out with Forty – the plan has completely changed.

The day after, he checked on Delilah and to his surprise – he found her bloody lifeless body. He couldn’t believe that he killed her. He doesn’t have any memory of it, he genuinely doesn’t have the intention to kill her – but who else could’ve killed her?

While he was mourning over Delilah’s death – Candace also found the storage unit, just in time Joe was in there. Candace locked up Joe and called Love so she could see his crime. When Love arrived and saw Joe, she ran away from the storage and threw up. Candace followed her, tapped Love – then Love murdered her.

Love went back to the storage room and faced Joe. She revealed that she was the one who killed Delilah. She wasn’t innocent after all. The nanny whom Forty thought he killed was actually killed by Love.

Joe was stunned and angry. Love is not going to tell the cops, but Joe was still too stunned to learn that Love isn’t the woman he originally fell in love with. Since he was also angry for killing Delilah, he attempted to kill Love – then she revealed that she was pregnant.

While Joe & Love worked on their relationship, Forty got suspicious of Joe. Back when Candace was alive, she warned him about Joe, so he’s now investigating by himself. He talked to the therapist (Dr. Nicky) that Joe framed for Beck’s death. He’s a good man who believes he deserves to be punished for being unfaithful to his family, so he is not interested in exposing Joe. However, he did confirm Joe’s identity when a photo of him was shown.

Eager to protect his sister, Forty pointed the gun at Joe during a confrontation, ready to kill him – but he was gunned down by a policeman.

Joe & Love carried on with their little family, they moved to the suburbs with their baby.

Season 3

Even though they already have their own family, their issues didn’t end. Joe has started liking their neighbor Natalie Engler. He kissed her, then stopped, went home – he secretly took an underwear from her he could keep. He thought about Natalie as he made love to Love. Love later on found out about this, and axed Natalie in the basement of her soon to be bakeshop. She called Joe to clean up the mess. Together, they buried her.

It was a small neighborhood, and they started making friends. While still in the middle of the drama caused by Natalie’s death – their baby caught the measles. Good thing the baby was okay, but Love ended up killing another neighbor, Gil Brigham, after he revealed that Henry (Love & Joe’s son) contracted measles from his daughters. Love called Joe again to get rid of Gil’s body and set up the crime scene since Love has thought of a way to solve their crimes. They blamed Gil for Natalie’s death by making it look like they had an affair. The alibi is – Gil killed Natalie because she wanted to stop their affair and after killing her, Gil hanged himself. This was explained in a letter, typed by Joe. Natalie’s death caught media coverage – and by the time Gil’s confession was found, her death was considered solved.

Joe & Love moved on with their lives although they are still anxious about Matthew Engler, Natalie’s husband. He’s in tech, has access to CCTVs, and does not believe that his wife’s death has been resolved.

Joe started working in the library, and has found himself being drawn to the librarian, Marienne Bellamy. He started stalking her and told her that he’s about to break it off with Love. They slept together. Realizing he has feelings for her, Joe killed her ex husband who has been stressing her due to child custody.

Meanwhile, Love also got involved with Theo Engler, Matthew’s son. Natalie’s stepson. They hooked up once. Love got pregnant and wasn’t sure if it was Theo’s or Joe’s. Due to stress, she lost the baby. She didn’t tell Joe about this.

While still trying to work on their marriage, Joe & Love agreed to a foursome with their neighbors – Sherry & Cary Conrad. It didn’t end well. These neighbors learned that they had killed Natalie, so they locked them up in the basement (they built another glass box) but didn’t kill them yet.

Love was also able to put the pieces together and discovered that Joe had cheated on her with Merienne, killed her ex-husband for her and may also have feelings for her. She prepared dinner for him and added something to it that paralyzed him. She asked Merienne to come over and planned to kill them together. Merienne arrived and talked to Love while Joe was lying on the kitchen floor. While about to kill her, Merienne’s kid knocked, saying she needs to pee. Love told her that she could use their bathroom and the Librarian talked some sense into Love. Love decided to let her go, and went back to confronting Joe. After talking to Merienne, she realized that she’s not the problem – it’s Joe. She decided to kill him – but he came prepared. Joe stabbed Love, paralyzing her as well.

It turns out Joe has noticed that Love has been spending a lot of time in the garden, so he made sure he is immune to the poison from the plants in the garden.

Joe had their baby adopted by their friends, and set up the crime scene. He wrote a suicide note from Love, and burned the house down – along with Love’s body. He made it look like he was also included in the fire.

He escaped, prepared to start a new life again.

The End of You (Seasons 1 – 3).

Season 4 coming this 2022! I tried looking for a date, but nothing came up. I’ll update this post once it is released.

Watch the series via Netflix (sign up here) or you may also read the book by purchasing it via Amazon - click here!

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