The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest – Notes, Quotes and Highlights

“This moment is not my life. It is a moment in my life.” – Ryan Holiday

There is nothing holding you back in life more than yourself.

Your limiting beliefs might come from wanting to keep yourself safe.

If you think that you are not being your authentic self, you might be right.

The first step in healing anything is taking full accountability.

It does not matter what your life looks like on the outside; it is how you feel about it on the inside.

The greatest act of self-love is to no longer accept a life you are unhappy with.

You can make peace, or you can commit to changing. The lingering is what is keeping you stuck.

Most people do not actually change their lives until not changing becomes the less comfortable option.

If you think that there is more that you are here to accomplish, you might be right.

Your new life is going to cost you your old one.

Sometimes, we settle for what we’re handed because we don’t know we can ask for more.

Some people say that they want to be successful at any cost and yet don’t want to log the hours of work it would take to get there.

We have to get clear on what we want as well as when and why we want it.

Uprooting means you are always just beginning your new chapter but never really finishing it.

Don’t worry about doing it well; just do it.

Don’t worry about writing a bestseller, just write.

Don’t worry about failing, just keep showing up and trying.

if you don’t get started, you’ll never arrive.

When we can only process half of our emotions, we ultimately only live half of the life we really want to.

Start measuring your outcomes and focusing on at least doing one productive thing each day.

Nothing positive, nor beautiful, flows from chaos.

When we let go of what isn’t right for us, we create space to discover what is.

When we set up judgments for others, they become rules that we have to play by, too.

When we achieve one thing, we are better equipped for the future.

We are held back because we don’t feel like making change, and so we don’t.

It is essential that you learn to take action before you feel like doing it.

it is also important that we recognize we cannot meet every single one of our needs on our own.

Being mean to yourself first will not make it hurt less if other people judge or reject you,

Your gut instinct functions to make things better, whereas your imagination can often make things worse.

Any change, no matter how positive, is uncomfortable until it is also familiar.

It’s not whether you “feel” like putting in the work, but whether or not you do it regardless.

You don’t need to wait until you feel like changing to start changing.

We often resist most deeply the things that we want most.

What you consistently do is what you adapt to.

You can only move on if you start building something new.

It’s about getting to a place where you prioritize nothing over the quality of your one, short life.

Just underneath the fear we often find that they are the things we really want more than anything else.

When we are willing to accept the darkness, it is only then that we find the light.

Little things, done repeatedly and over time, become the big things.

Your purpose is, first and foremost, just to be here.

Without you, absolutely nothing would exist just as it is right now.

The more you can put aside your spotlight complex, the more you’re going to be able to relax.

Cut yourself some slack, and focus on what you are proficient in. Outsource everything else.

Talk it out, because things are often more complicated in your head

The most effective and healthy way to change your life is slowly.

Discomfort is not trying to punish you!

The less you resist your unhappiness, the happier you will be.

The only place to find happiness is in the present because that’s the only place it truly exists.

You find a lot more happiness by not trying to prove yourself.

Think of life as something you can constantly learn from.

Happy people are inherently coachable and changeable.

Enjoying life is living it out in both the simplest and most transformative ways possible.

To become a master of oneself is first to take radical and complete responsibility for your life.

Assume that everyone, and everything, has something to teach you.

What’s your favorite line so far? 

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