The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss – Notes, Quotes and Highlights

Inspirational Lines:

Define the worst case, accept it and do it.

Success can be measured on the number of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have.

Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Tomorrow becomes never. No matter how small the task, take the first step now.

Lack of time is actually lack of priorities

Beg for forgiveness, don’t ask for permission.

Do not work harder when the solution is working smarter.

Be a member of your target market and don’t speculate what others need or be willing to buy.

The main benefit of your product should be explainable in one sentence or phrase.

Price high and then justify.

It’s too big a world to spend most of your life in a cubicle.

He could never go back and recapture years spent doing something he disliked.

If you can’t define it or act upon it – forget it.

To be correct 95% of the time requires 6 months of concentrated effort, whereas to be correct 98% of the time requires 20 – 30 years.

Remembering that you are going to dies is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

The only rules and limits are only those we set for ourselves.

In order to do the big things, you have to let the small bad things happen.

10-day media fast and felt like I’d had a two-year vacation from computers.

You can turn off the noise without the world ending.

If you have trouble deciding what to do, just focus on not doing.

Profit in the least time with the least effort.

More customers isn’t the goal, more profit is.

Well designed and well targeted advertising works the first time.

What I do now is only what I really love to do.

I went from 9+ hours of work a day to 4 hours a week.

Developing a method of receiving income from US.

I could make 2-3x my previous monthly income by simple writing once or twice a week for my site (4-5 hours).

When I’m “on”, I’m really on and when I’m “off”, I’m off – good luck trying to contact me.

Questions to Reflect on:

Do you really think it will improve or is it wishful thinking and an excuse for inaction?

The question you should be asking isn’t “what do I want?” or “what are my goals?” but “what would excite me?”

Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?

If this is the only thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied with my day?

What’s your favorite line so far?

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