101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think by Brianna Wiest – Notes, Quotes and Highlights (Part 1)

Emotionally Intelligent People:

know that happiness is a choice, but they don’t feel the need to make it all the time.

are kind to all, but truly open to few.

don’t confuse a bad feeling for a bad life.

Emotionally Strong People:

do not believe every feeling the have means something.

cope with discomfort in favor of breaking an old habit.

do not respond to someone’s success with observations about their failures.

Socially Intelligent People:

do not speak in definitives about people, politics, or ideas.

don’t immediately deny criticism.

do not confuse their opinion of someone for being a fact about them.

don’t use “you always” or “you never” to illustrate a point.

focus on communicating something, not just receiving a response from others.

know that the world does not revolve around them.

validate other people’s feelings.

do not argue with people who only want to win, not learn.

their primary relationship is to themselves, and they work on it tirelessly.

Things more worth thinking about than whatever’s consuming you:

The ultimate expression of self-love is admitting you don’t like yourself and coming up with steps to change the things that you know you can and will do better.

How you will remember this time in your life years from now. What little things you didn’t realize you should have appreciated.

How few of your days you really remember

Little ways you can improve your quality of day to day life

How you can more actively take advantage and appreciate the things that are in front of you while you still have them

What you want to be defined by when all is said and done

What you would say if you could tell your younger self just one thing

What your big objective is. If you don’t know what you generally want to do with your previous, limited time here, you’re not going to do much of anything at all.

Everything is hard; it’s just a matter of what you think is work the effort

What you think is worth that effort. What you are willing to suffer for.

What “enough” means to you. What’s enough money, enough love, enough productivity. Fulfillment is a product of knowing what “enough” is – otherwise you will be constantly seeking more.

What you’d do if you had $, of extra disposable income each month

What actions you could take to moe yourself in the direction of the life you wnt

What you though you’d be when you wre younger

Who and where you will be in five years if you carry on as you are right now

The first, and most important step, to being the person you were intended to be is to conceive of them.

What’s your favorite line so far?

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