Ratched Season 1 – Netflix TV Series (Summary)

This is a summary based on my understanding of the series. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to watch it first before proceeding - you can watch / download the movie from Netflix - click here to sign up

Ratched – Netflix TV Series (Summary)

Episode 1

Priests were murdered in Lucia by an unstable man named Edmund Tolleson.

Nurse Mildred Ratched went to Lucia State Hospital to apply as a nurse. She was able to get hired even though the hospital was originally not hiring. While the Governor (George Willburn) visited the hospital to give donation, she gave the wrong medicine to a patient which led to a cardiac arrest – which she was able to successfully assist as the press and governor watched – the governor was impressed .

While the governor was giving his speech she led a patient to Dr. Richard Hanover’s office where a letter cutter is – the patient killed himself and Dr. Hannover freaked out, but she took care of it. She moved the body, cremated it.

That night, Edmund Tolleson arrived at the hospital. Mildred visited him, told him she’s glad to finally find him and promised that he is not going to die.

Episode 2

Mildred talked to the remaining survivor priest and tried to convince him to talk to Dr. Hannover. She also revealed that she is Edmund’s brother. She ended up stabbing him, the priest is still alive but is no longer responsive.

Mildred hung out with Gwendolyn Briggs, the Governor’s press secretary.

Dr. Hannover talked to Edmund to analyze him, and he doesn’t think he is schizophrenic.

Episode 3

Someone is investigating on Dr. Hannover – Lenore Osgood, and she wants him decapitated. A nurse trainee, Dolly, flirted  with Edmund .

Nurse Betsy Bucket, the head nurse at Lucia State Hospital was asking about Mr. Dario, (the patient killed during Episode 1).

Nurse Ratched and Dr. Hannover had dinner and she asked him why he is being followed. He admitted that he once treated a boy with Piquerism, Henry Osgood, son of a heiress, Lenore Osgood. Dr. Hannover drank with Henry and he saw the boy saw off his own arms. After this incident, Dr. Hannover ran away. After this confession, Nurse Ratched mentions that she can help him keep Lenore Osgood from finding him

Episode 4

Mrs. Briggs leaves her husband for Nurse Ratched. Nurse Ratched arranges for Edmund to have sex with Nurse Dolly.

Nurse Ratched is sleeping with the man who was hired to kill Dr. Hannover – Charles Wainwright. Charles got injured while trying to attack Dr. Hannover. She helped Dr. Hannover and the Charles was placed in the treatment room where lesbians used to be boiled.

Mrs. Briggs followed them in the hospital. Charles got out of boiling tub, was shot by guard. Nurse Ratched convinced Mrs. Briggs to keep quiet.

Episode 5

Nurse Ratched blackmailed Dr. Hannover about the 2 deaths that occured – now she is the new head nurse. Nurse Ratched organizes a dance, invites Mrs. Briggs as her date. She also planned with Edward for him to pretend to be ill during the dance.

There’s a new patient at Lucia,  Charlotte Wells, she has dissociative identity disorder. Dr. Hannover used hypnosis and was able to help her.

Lenore Osgood came back and Dr. Hannover panicked. He asked help from Nurse Ratched.

Nurse Ratched comforted Nurse Bucket when Dr. Hannover said harsh words to her.

During the dance, Edmund and Nurse Dolly escaped.

Episode 6

Mrs. Briggs is in the hospital after being shot  by Nurse Dolly. Nurse Dolly and Edmund hid in an abandoned house.

Mrs. Briggs and Nurse Ratched watched a marionette show, it brought back memories of Nurse Ratched’s childhood – her mom was an alcoholic, she was sent to orphanage, then she met Edmund. The woman who helped them made sure they stay together. When they finally they thought they found the perfect family, they ended up being used as puppets for a show – they were forced to do sexual acts infront of an audience. Before escaping, Edmund gouged his foster parents eyes. While killing the parents he asked her to run, and she did. She revealed this to Mrs. Briggs, including the fact that her brother is Edmund Tolleson.

Nurse Dolly and Edmund were surrounded by cops. Edmund was ready to take blame but Nurse Dolly appeared, shot cops, and was later killed.

Dr. Hannover signed papers that states Edmund is fit for trial – this means Edmund will have the death penalty.

Episode 7

Nurse Ratched informed Huck Finnigan, an orderly at Lucia, that she likes women.

Nurse Bucket’s friend went through Nurse Ratched’s stuff and she tells tells Nurse Ratched what she knows. Nurse Ratched cried and revealed that she wasn’t really a nurse, she lied. When she served the army, she was fired when a couple of soldiers died under her care. Nurse Bucket replied that she had plans for them and the hospital.

While staying out of the hospital to escape the police, Dr. Hannover was stabbed by patient Charlotte. Nurse Ratched helped Charlotte escape, she took Dr. Hannover’s head, and gave it to  Lenore Osgood.  Lenore Osgood happily presented the head to her son, Henry. However, Lenore was later on killed by Henry.

After Lenore died, her will states her son will be admitted to a pysch hospital, as 50% of wealth goes to monkeys care.

Nurse Bucket now looks after the hospital, and Huck has been promoted as head nurse

Episode 8

Mrs. Briggs and Nurse Ratched lived together. Mrs. Briggs has cancer, and Edmund is now expected to be executed.

Charlotte came back, claiming to be Dr. Hannover. Charlotte shot Huck and  Edmund escaped with her.

2 yrs later, Mrs. Briggs and Nurse Ratched are in Mexico. Mrs. Briggs is doing better, and Nurse Bucket visited them.

Nurse Ratched still thinks of Edmund and she dreamt about him killing her – Edmund thinks she betrayed him after knowing she’s about to euthanize him to avoid the electric chair.

There was a news about 7 murdered nurses, then Nurse Ratched received a call from Edmund – he is now threatening her.

The end of Ratched – Netflix TV Series Season 1. 

There is still no exact date on when Season 2 will be released – but I will surely be on the lookout for it. This TV Series is interesting enough, and I will continue watching the upcoming seasons.

Watch the series via Netflix (sign up here).

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