Tale of the Nine Tailed – Korean Drama Spoiler & Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the series. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to watch it first before proceeding - you can watch / download the movie from Netflix - click here to sign up.

Tale of the Nine Tailed – Korean Drama

Nam Ji-ah‘s parents died back in 1999 – they vanished after a car accident in Fox Hill. She grew up to be a TV producer for Urban Legends. Even after 20 years, she still hopes she could find her parents.

She met Lee Yeon at one of her investigations. She found him mysterious – she later on confirmed that Yeon is a nine tailed fox. Yeon keeps saving Ji-ah every time.

Yeon has been waiting for a long time for Ji-ah, as she is the reincarnation of his true love 600 years ago – Ah-eum. The both of them eventually fell in love.

Ji-ah once saw with the use of a magical glasses – that it was Yeon who killed her from her previous life. It was later on revealed that Yeon had no other choice but to kill her since Ah-eum insisted (foxes are bound to repay kindness). Ah-eum insisted to be killed because the serpent was in her body.

Even though she was reborn, the serpent still lives in Ji-ah’s body. There is also another serpent named Terry – and he wants to be with Ji-ah.

Ji-ah is supposed to die again, however Yeon did everything to save her. In the end, Yeon took the serpent from Ji-ah’s body. Yeon and the other serpent, Terry, died and they fell in the river  – anyone that falls in that river could no longer be reborn.

Everyone was miserable after Yeon was gone. The two most miserable ones are Ji-ah and Yeon’s brother, Lee Rang. 6 months passed and they managed to live by, but they still wanted Yeon back.

Granny – the guardian of the gates, kept calling her brothers to look for ways to bring Yeon back. Finally, they were given a chance to bring Yeon back – but something precious needs to be given back.

Yeon’s brother, Rang, decided to trade his life. Rang died, and Yeon came back and he is now with Ji-ah once again but this time, he’s now a human being.

Yeon also met a kid that looked like Rang when he was younger – it looks like Rang has been reborn. Also, even though he is human, he was able to get strength by using a weapon – which is his umbrella.

The End of Tale of the Nine Tailed Korean Drama.
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