World of the Married – Korean Drama Spoiler & Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the series. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to watch it first before proceeding - you can watch / download the movie from Netflix - click here to sign up. 

World of the Married – Korean Drama Spoiler & Summary

Episode 1

Ji Sun-woo thought she had a great marriage until she started suspecting that her husband, Lee Tae-oh, is having an affair. She saw a strand of brown hair and his secretary told her that he leaves the office at 5pm. With the help of Min Hyun-seo, a waiter whom she previously helped, she had his husband followed and confirmed that he is having an affair. She saw a phone hidden in his car’s trunk which contains photos of him and his lover – he’s having an affair with someone way younger,  she also happened to be a friend’s daughter.

What hurt her the most was the fact that their closest friends know about the affair as there were photos of them together and messages telling his husband to be careful, they seem to be very supportive of the affair.

Episode 2

The young mistress, Yeo Da-kyung, is pregnant and wants abortion. She had her check up with Sun-woo, since she also happens to be a doctor.

Sun-woo confronted Tae-oh but he got angry and lied. Da-kyung called Sun-woo, wanting to break up because it looks like he’s not acting on his promise to her.

Episode 3

When it was revealed that Da-kyung is pregnant, Tae-oh rushed to her and they talked, and were able to make up. Tae-oh promised her that he would get a divorce but he honestly is not sure because he loves the both of them. Da-kyung decides to keep the baby, and wife saw her buying a book about it. Sun-woo decides to consult a divorce lawyer and was advised to check his finances – she discovered that her husband made huge purchases without her knowledge. She was angry, she talked to his mother and informed her that she’s getting a divorce. It turns out his mother also knew about the affair. The next day, her husband’s mother died.

On the wake, Sun-woo saw her husband and Da-kyung kissing in the parking lot. Still, she pretends that everything is okay until she can get enough evidence for divorce. She asked Hyun-seo to befriend Da-kyung.

Episode 4

Sun-woo asked Hyun-seo to follow Tae-oh but it got complicated when the Hyun-seo’s boyfriend, In-kyu, followed her, and threatened Sun-woo.

Meanwhile, Da-kyung is problematic because while she is pregnant, Tae-oh is still not leaving his wife and her parents are very strict.

Sun-woo met with Tae-oh’s friend (Go Ye-Rim’s husband) and slept with him.

Episode 5

Sun-woo was threatened In-kyu. He was asking for 20 million won.

Hyun-seo revealed to Sun-woo that Da-kyung and Tae-oh already broke up.

After Sun-woo mentioned to Da-kyung’s parents that she is seeing someone, her parents asked her to move back in.

Sun-woo went to Da-kyung’s parents house and revealed to them that Da Kyung got pregnant after having an affair with her husband

Episode 6

There is now an ongoing custody fight, since Sun-woo wants to be with Da-kyung but he also can’t give up his son.

Tae-oh ended up hitting Sun-woo after thinking she did something to their son  Lee Joon-young. Joon-young saw what happened and sided with is mother. This scene was actually staged by Sun-woo, so she can provoke her husband, and have their son choose her.

Tae-oh got arrested for a while and had a restraining order.

2 years passed and the restraining order is now about to expire. Tae-oh was away with Da-kyung for the past two years – but now they are back.

Episode 7

There’s a welcome back party as Tae-oh and Da-kyung came back. Tae-oh is now rich. Almost everyone came to party, including Joon-young.

The party was going well until Sun-woo came with his new male friend, a new colleague – Kim Yoon-ki. They went there to fetch Joon-young.

Since he is now wealthy and has better connections, Tae-oh requested for Sun-woo be removed as associate director of the hospital.

Episode 8

Someone threw stone at Sun-woo’s house, and she received a letter.

Joon-young has dinner with Tae-oh and Da-kyung. As Sun-woo waited, there came an intruder at her house.

Sun-woo decides to join the Go-san Women’s Association where Da-kyung is also a member.

Episode 9

Sun-woo was on a date with Yoon-ki on a restaurant, coincidentally, Tae-oh and Da-kyung was also there.  Tae-oh appears to be bothered and jealous from seeing Sun-woo with another man.

It was really Tae-oh who threw rocks and intruded in Sun-woo’s house. He hired Hyun-seo’s ex who also hated Sun-woo because she sent him to prison – Tae-oh made sure to warn  him not to hurt Sun-woo. He just wants to scare her.

Joon-young  has been stealing and has been skipping classes.

Da-kyung found Tae-oh’s second phone hidden in his office – on that phone, she saw photos of Sun-woo.

Episode 10

Sun-woo was replaced from being the hospital’s associate director – as what Tae oh previously wanted.

Go Ye-rim, one of Sun-woo’s neighbor, received photos of her husband in bed with another girl. This was done by Tae-oh – Ye-rim decided she want divorce.

Sun-woo helped Hyun-seo leave town to escape In-kyu but he kept up with her in Go-san Station. There was an accident, then someone fell from the rooftop.

Episode 11

It was In-kyu who died in the train station.

Tae-oh was questioned because of a phone call, Sun-woo was questioned because of a scarf that In-kyu held.

Episode 12

Sun-woo saved Tae-oh at the police station. Tae-oh is annoyed at Da-kyung for not saving him, and for even suspecting him – he really appreciates it that Sun-woo still took his side.

It was rumored that the man who died in the train station was Sun-woo’s boyfriend. Joon-young now wants to live with Tae-oh after Da-kyung talked to him about making Sun-woo’s life harder due to the current rumors she has to deal with.

Episode 13

Sun-woo was thinking of leaving to Busan since Joon-young will no longer be living with her.

Joon-young got into a fight, and Sun-woo discovered that he has been stealing.  Da-kyung stepped up and fixed things, instead of Sun-woo who got embarrassed because she knelt infront of the parents who complained.

It turns out Joon-young went home to their house the night Sun-woo & Tae-oh slept together.

Episode 14

Da-kyung feels like everything is going into place as she heard that Sun-woo finally resigned.

Sun-woo disappeared from Go-san. She actually almost drowned when she ran away and she cried in the arms of Yoon-ki as Tae-oh watched from afar.

It still bothered Tae-oh to see her cry.

Back home, Da-kyung had an argument with Joon-young. Tae-oh & Da-kyung’s baby, Jenny, cried and Da-kyung immediately assumed that it was because of Joon-young. Because of this, Tae-oh hit Joon-young.

Joon-young asks for his mom to get him. Sun-woo hurriedly fetched her son, and was able to talk to Da-kyung. During that confrontation, Sun-woo informed Da-kyung that Tae-oh recently slept with her.

Episode 15

Tae-oh admitted to Da-kyung that he slept with Sun-woo. Tae-oh was angry at Sun-woo for telling Da-kyung that they slept together. He also tried to apologize to Joon-young.

Sun-woo and Joon-young will be leaving – their house is now for sale. Da-kyung  it and contacted Sun-woo, telling her that she will help convince Tae-oh so she can be with her son.

Sun-woo tells Da-kyung how she is just like her – the same perfume and clothes. This really bothered her as she eventually realized that it is true.

Da-kyung decides to leave Tae-oh.

Sun-woo went back to Go-san with Joon-young – and there are rumors going around that Tae-oh is not doing well

Episode 16

Tae-oh is still in Go-sanbut no one knows, he just keeps drinking.

Da-kyung has moved away, and is now studying. A guy liked her but she’s not interested.

Tae-oh is still trying to still trying to write a script.

Joon-young ran away. Sun-woo tried to find him, and waited for him to come back – he eventually came back home.

The End of World of the Married – Korean Drama.
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