Girl From Nowhere – Netflix TV Series (Summary) – Did Not Finish

This is a summary based on my understanding of the series. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to watch it first before proceeding - you can watch / download the movie from Netflix - click here to sign up.

Girl From Nowhere – Netflix TV Series (Summary) – Season 1, Episodes 1 to 7


Nanno is a new student at a school that was referred as the ‘Purest School of the Year’ . She volunteered to participate in Mr. Win’s project about yoga. Mr. Kim is a professor and has been taking advantage of his students. He even got one student pregnant.

Mr. Win took advantage of Nanno and she made sure to have her revenge. She went to Mr. Win’s house and volunteered to tutor his daughter. Nanno left Mr Mr. Win’s daughter at home. Nanno took a video of Mr. Win’s daughter as she had sex with her boyfriend. Nanno then blackmailed Mr Win to gain access to his private films which included a video of them. She shared the video and exposed Mr. Win based on the files on his computer. Mr. Win’s daughter got hit by a car as the two of them argued since she also saw his video.


Nanno is now in another school – she has two friends and 3 guys who wants to go out with her. This 2 friends became jealous of her and started hating her. They invited Nanno to a party with the three guys and they intended to get her drunk. Her two friends also added pills to her drink.

Nanno was raped by Hok, and she died as he choked her. The 5 of them dug and burried Nanno’s body. The next day, Nanno showed up again. The 5 of them were freaked out, they thought it wasn’t really Nanno because they already buried her. Nanno got videos of what they did to her that night, and to keep her from sharing it, the 5 of them buried her again, but she just keeps showing up. The next day, Nanno showed up in class again.


Nanno is now at Lerdvithi School where she is surrounded with geniuses. She met Mew and Pui, the two students who didn’t stand out. When Pui won a competition, she got considered as a genius. Mew got jealous and was mad at her. Nanno approached Mew, and suggested that to be a genius, one must know how to imitate by using google, ctrl c and ctrl v. Mew followed her advice and copied an artwork from google, modified it a little and submitted it. It won first place and she was considered a genius. It was decided that during an open house, she would paint in front of an audience. She got scared, so she framed Pui. Mew made it look like Pui hit her right hand with a hammer – it was an excuse for her not to paint. But she still ended up painting because she posted a painting with a caption that she painted it with her left hand. During the open house, one student from another school claimed that she copied the artwork – her teacher and the school admin defended her. She painted an ordinary flower on stage, it was far from the other artworks but nobody complained. The audience applauded Mew and Nanno just watched and went away – she left a note to Mew about wishing her happiness in this world.


Nanno moved to a school that accepts payments to have their own room. Nanno bought a room and set up her own company. For her first client, she made him a new/fake report card so his father would buy him motorcycle. Her business is doing good – but there is one guy who didn’t avail, his name is Dino. He is known to his friends as the wealthiest among all of them, but that was a lie. He is actually really poor. While thinking of a place to go, Nanno suggested to Dino’s friends that they visit his house. Afraid that he’d be busted for being poor, Dino hired Nanno to look for a house he could use. Nanno found a house – and the servants in it were Dino’s parents. Dino and his friends had a dare with a gun, whoever gets shot will receive the money. Dino’s father interfered and one of his friends hit him. Both Dino’s parents were injured, and to silence them, they gave them the money that was supposed to be the price (not much since most of them don’t have cash). When Dino got home, his parents were simply eating – although their faces were filled with bruises.


Nanno is now in another school and she got involved in a social love with the most famous guy in school, Hann. Their loveteam is called Hanno. Everybody adores them but truth is, Hann has a girlfriend named Yui and she is sick of the Hanno love team. When the other students found out about Hann and Yui, they bullied Yui. Nanno also made it worse by making sure Yui will he hated by their fans.

Yui got fed up and hurt Nanno – Nanno ended up falling from a building (Yui didn’t push her, Nanno threw herself after Yui beat her up.) They thought it was over – but it turns out Nanno is alive and just needs someone to take care of her forever. They volunteered Hann.

It was shown that before Nanno fell, she thanked Yui for letting her be with Hann forever.


Nanno is a new co-manager in a football team. The football players adored him, so the head team manager, Bam, got jealous of her. Because of her anger she wrote ‘Nanno is a stinkface bitch’ on the bathroom wall – and the next day, Nanno got a stinky face. She discovered that when you write something about someone on that wall, it comes true. Bam’s latest writing on the wall was about the cleaner who erased her writings (which also removed the curse). She wrote that she hoped the cleaner suffocates, the cleaner was found dead, hanging from a rope.


Continuation of Episode 6 – the wall has now been discovered by other students. Bam wished for everyone to disappear

The rest of Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix

– unfortunately, I will not have the remaining summary of the episodes since I decided to no longer watch the series. I have included this series in my previous post – 8 TV Series that I Wasn’t Able to Finish.

Watch the series via Netflix (sign up here).

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