Good Girls Season 1 – Netflix TV Series (Summary) – Did Not Finish

This is a summary based on my understanding of the series. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to watch it first before proceeding - you can watch / download the movie from Netflix - click here to sign up.

Good Girls Season 1 – Netflix TV Series (Summary) – Episodes 1 to 3 only


Elizabeth “Beth” Boland is a housewife and mother of four who found out that they are behind their mortgage and that her husband is having an affair. Ruby Hill, Beth’s bestfriend, is a waitress who needs the money to get medicine for her daughter. Annie Marks is Beth’s younger sister who needs money to get a lawyer to fight for custody for her daughter. The three of them decided to rob a grocery store where Annie works in. They got about half a million dollars, way more than the amount they originally planned to steal. A gang threatened the three of them to give the money back plus interest. The grocery store manager – Boomer, saw Annie’s tattoo while robbing and blackmailed Annie into having sex with her – on his second attempt he forced Annie, and Beth bashed his head with a bottle.


Boomer is still alive and they have kept him in a tree house. He was able to escape eventually. They chased him and Annie took a photo of his penis and blackmailed him about going to the police.

The gang members kept showing up, asking for the money, but they still couldn’t return all of it.

Beth asked her husband to move out after she caught his infidelity. Annie is at risk of losing custody over her daughter. Ruby is worried for her daughter now that they are once again struggling with money.


The gang leader gave them an offer – they have to get something from Canada and they’d forget about the money. They successfully did the delivery – just a bunch of fake money hidden within gift wrappers. Since they just stole a car, they had to dispose it by dumping it to the river because Annie synced her phone to it.

The rest of the episodes and seasons 1 – 4 are already available on netflix.

– unfortunately, I will not have the remaining summary of the episodes since I decided to no longer watch the series. I have included this series in my previous post – 8 TV Series that I Wasn’t Able to Finish.

Watch the series via Netflix (sign up here).

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