Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Novel Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the novel. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to read the entire book first before proceeding - click this link to purchase via amazon.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Novel Summary

The world is divided between two races – Red (the servants) and Silver (the Gods). Mare Borrow and her entire family are Reds. Her sister Gisa is a seamstress while her 3 brothers were sent to war. Her mother lives with them and takes care of their father who barely survived the war.

Kilorn, her bestfriend, will be sent to war and she’s afraid for him. She has always protected him. So she bargained. She ended up injuring her sister, Gisa, who could no longer sew because of a riot. She blamed herself for that because they stole to save Kilorn. That night he went to a bar to steal, and she met Cal, who got her a job because he turned out to be the prince, the next King.

She started as a servant but on Queenstrial, she accidentally discovered her power – which is lightning. She can’t have any power because only the Silvers can. The Queen and King (Elara and Tibe) announced that she’s really Titanos, a long lost daughter of a Hero. He got engaged to Maven, Cal’s younger half brother. When Mare (now America Titanos) discovered her powers, she nearly killed Evangeline, Cal’s fiance. So they mildly clashed around the palace.

Then came the Scarlet Guard (a rebellion), led by Farley, the girl she asked to transport Kilorn and her to avoid conscription. Mare joined when she discovered that her brother has been killed. To her surprise, her fiancé Maven, joined too. Together, they planned killings. The biggest operation the Scarlet guard did was during the parting ball when killed about 12 people. Walsh, Tristan, Kilorn and Farley were captured, but Mare managed to have them set free with the help of Julian.

Their recent plan was to convince Cal to snatch the throne from his father, through Mare, because it’s obvious that Cal likes her. However, Cal refused, he arrested Mare and Maven and the truth was revealed.

Maven was a traitor, he was controlled by her Mother, and because of that, Cal was framed. Since Queen Elara was a whisperer, she controlled Cal to kill his father, the King, and it was recorded by camera – it made Cal look like a traitor and Maven became the new heir to the throne.

Cal and Mare were thrown to the Bone Bowl and then to the Arena to be executed by 5 Silvers. Maven told the people that Mare’s power was fake, and that she was an impostor. But during the battle in the arena, Mare was able to show her power. Cal and Mare won the battle, but not the war. Maven is still King, nothing changed, but just when they thought they’d be executed for real, they were saved by the Scarlet Guard. Farley miraculously survived (they thought she died) and also Shade. He isn’t dead because his power is teleporting.

They are all together again, but Cal is in handcuffs because the Scarlet Guard could not trust a silver again, because of Maven.

The End of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (Book One. This is a series and I didn’t read the succeeding books.)
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