You Can’t Fall in Love with your Ex (Can You?) by Sophie Ranald – Novel Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the novel. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to read the entire book first before proceeding - click this link to purchase via amazon.

You Can’t Fall in Love with your Ex (Can You?) by Sophie Ranald

Laura has 2 kids – Darcy and Owen, and she is married to Jonathan. They moved to London because Jonathan had a promotion. She used to work but then became a full time wife. She befriended Ze and they became very close. Ze took her to MidSummer Nights, a famous play with very expensive tickets. On that play, she once again met Felix, her ex boyfriend. He was casted as Oberon, and they talked to catch up.

They dated back then in their early twenties. She used to have a huge crush on Felix, she glowed when they had a relationship. She was a rising star then, and got the main role. When she got the role, she fought with her bestfriend (Mel). Laura took over when Mel got sick. Nights before their performance, Marius (their boss) went to her dressing room and kissed her. She was stunned. She pushed him away but not too hard because she’s scared of him, because she could lose her career if she doesn’t obey him. When she pushed him, she fell on the floor without her robe, and that was what Felix saw. Felix was so mad, until the show. When she performed, she got injured and could never dance again. Felix was the one who lifted her. She ended up in the hospital with no career.

While on the hospital, Felix left to pursue his dream (he did not apologize even when he already knew the truth that nothings going on between her and Marius). Laura’s bestfriend, Mel, also did not apologize. She just announced that she’s leaving because she has been offered a job — and that she is marrying Marius.

Back to the present. Since Jonathan is always too busy, Felix and Laura have chances to meet. She doesn’t consider it as cheating because they didn’t have sex. They both know better. They met up on another play, during Darcy’s birthday when he played the magician.

Jonathan found out about them because a fan posted a picture of them, labeling Laura as the actor’s gorgeous girlfriend. Jonathan went away, saying they both needed space, and then both of them realized how much they love each other. Felix was just nothing, just a part of the past she can’t get back. Felix even helped Laura get Jonathan back.

Felix got another role and started dating Ze.

The End of You Can’t Fall in Love with your Ex (Can You?) by Sophie Ranald.
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