Heart of Ice by Greg Olsen – Novel Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the novel. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to read the entire book first before proceeding - click this link to purchase via amazon.

Heart of Ice by Greg Olsen – Novel Summary

Emily Keny, the sheriff of Cherrystone, has to solve Mandy Crawford‘s crime. Mandy is Mitch’s wife and she is pregnant. She went missing and after a few weeks of searching, she was found floating on a river inside a plastic bag. They arrested the husband, Mitch, since the evidence all sums up to him being the killer.

His ex wife showed up with photo of how badly he beats her. He was also screwing his secretary, and then it turned out that Mandy’s child wasn’t his. Later on the truth was revealed when a witness showed up – Steffi, a barrista who saw a man who acted very suspicious. It was Cary, Mitch’s lawyer. Mandy and Cary was having an affair and he got her pregnant. She wants to be with him and leave Mitch. Cary doesn’t want to do that because Mitch is a big time client. Mandy got persistent and he threatened him that she would tell Mitch. He got no choice but to kill her. Cary was arrested and Mitch was freed.

Emily’s daughter, Jenna Kenyon, is one of the Beta Zee’s leader. Their sorority is worried because of the 3 consequent murders that happened and they suspect that the gruesome murders have something to do with their involvement with the said sorority. Truth – the killer is Michael Barton, whose sister died when she took her own life because the sorority members told her that she’s not smart and pretty enough. He aimed revenge at the sorority leader, but luckily Jenna was was saved because Emily received a call from Michael Barton’s wife. Michael was then shot dead.

The End of Heart of Ice by Greg Olsen.
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