Rough Night – Movie Summary (Spoiler & Ending)

This is a summary based on our understanding of the series.
Please also note that this summary contains spoilers.

Jessica Thayer is about to get married and her college friends (Alice, Frankie & Blair) are throwing her a bridal shower over the weekend. Although she loves her friends, she is quite unwilling to party since she’s busy – she is running as a senator. She tried reasoning with her friends but they won’t have it – especially her bestfriend, Alice.

Alice already planned everything. The five of them – Jessica, Alice, Frankie, Blair and Pippa (new friend of Jess from Australia) all stayed in a luxurious glass beach house.

They first went out to dinner, then to the club where they partied. Later on Jessica’s friends decided to hire her a stripper. When they got back into the beach house, the stripper arrived. They had fun for a bit, but not until Alice jumps on him in an attempt to do something sexy. The stripper fell back, his head bled, and they realized he’s dead – and they might all get in trouble.

They tried to dispose the body. They first tried throwing the body into the beach. They later on realized that there was a security camera from their sexy neighbor – Blair ended up sleeping with them just to discover that the cameras don’t work. When they thought they got rid of the body – they took photos by the seashore and saw that the body has been washed up back on the shore. They took the body back into the house as they try to figure out where to dispose it.

Someone knocked on the door, they opened it and it was a policeman. Frankie talked to him, then realized that he was actually the stripper. She only realized if after she knocked him unconscious – and now they are wondering who the man they killed previously.

They had an an argument, and Jessica went upstairs to calm herself down. Then two police offers knocked, looking for the man they killed earlier – the officers claimed that the man was dangerous. They showed the officers the body – then soon realized that these two officers are actually accomplices. These men handcuffed Alice, Blair, Frankie & Pippa. The 2nd man went upstairs to look for what they wanted (diamonds) and met with Jessica. Jessica handcuffed him and went downstairs to help her friends. While she was about to untie them, the 2nd man was able to get free from the handcuff and pointed a gun at them. Fortunately, Jessica’s fiancé, Peter, showed up.

Peter is high on drugs as he was on a long roadtrip to make things right with Jessica. Nothing was really wrong, Peter just thought Jessica no longer wants to marry him after she hung up their phone call – as instructed by her friends because they have to be safe after killing the man. They were able to clarify things and got married on the weekend.

Pippa became officially part of their group of friends. Blair and Frankie got back together (they dated back in college). Alice started dating Scotty, the real stripper from the bachelorette party.

Also, news broke out about how Jessica and her friends handled the diamond thieves and it helped her reputation.

During / After Credits:

Jessica became a State Senator.

Alice tries to cook the naughty pasta from the bachelorette party – then as she poured the contents into the pot, the diamonds the thieves fell along with the pasta.

The End of Rough Night Movie.

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