The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth – Book Review

It’s about 2 sisters, Fern & Rose. They are twins, but they are different in almost all ways. Both seem to care about each other, but one sister is hiding something – and got some real bad intention towards the other.

I gave this book 5/5 on Goodreads. I rarely give 5 star reviews – but this one is really good. I got lost in the book. It’s fast paced – to the point that I was surprised to find that I am already on the last few pages. I shed a tear on this book. This will be one of my favorite reads this year – even though this one is the first book I’ve read this year!

Fast paced, unpredictable, and the story definitely play with your emotions. I love all characters, including the villain. I love how some scenes were narrated according to each sister’s point of view – with totally different opinion with what really happened. The love story in this book is the kind that made me fall in love as well – I am not into romantic stories but I am not heartless, therefore I really got hooked with how Rose and Owen’s relationship blossomed. Not the kind of cheesy love story – just the kind of relationship that assures you, as a reader, that there is indeed love between (this is not even the main plot of the book!)

Shed a tear on this book.

⭐5/5 Stars 

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