The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine – Book Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the novel. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to read the entire book first before proceeding

Amber Patterson had it all planned, she now have her next target – Daphne Parrish. She is going to take over her life, make her husband fall in love with her.

Daphne has it all – money, friends, handsome and generous husband, Jackson Parrish.

To get closer to Daphne, Amber pretended to have a sister that also had Cystic Fibrosis, just like Daphne. Amber and Daphne “accidentally” met at the gym, found out they both lost sisters to CF, and the next thing she knew, Amber is now being invited to Daphne’s home to be a part of Julie’s Smile, a foundation to help those with CF.

Daphne felt a connection with Amber since she really understand what she has been through. She kept inviting her to their home and family events, which Amber really liked because it brings her closer to her plan.

Amber lied about being fired, so Daphne got her a job at Jackson’s company. Amber ended up working closely to Jackson every day as his assistant.

Daphne also offered Amber to stay at their apartment in the city one night, but just in time, Jackson was there. They were both surprised – but it was a great opportunity for Amber. Amber was able to seduce Jackson. They slept together the first time that night.

Jackson and Amber kept having sex – since Amber is his assistant, they have every reason to have long hours together. They went to Paris and stayed at the apartment for a couple of nights. Daphne has confided to Amber that she feels like something is off about Jackson – like he’s cheating on her. Amber assured that she’s keeping an eye on him and so far, he’s only been very busy about work. That comforted Daphne.

To fully take over Daphne’s life – Amber knows what she needs to do. She needs to give Jackson a son, that was what he wanted all along, and so far Daphne was only able to give him 2 daughters. When Amber got pregnant, she told Jackson that they are having a son even though she is not yet sure about the gender. Amber has now gained the right to pressure Jackson into leaving Daphne. He assured her she’s going to do it soon – and Amber thought she won.

Little did Amber know that Daphne knows about it all, and she’s using her to escape Jackson. Daphne genuinelly thought Amber was her friend, but not until her friend Meredith informed her that “Amber Patterson” has been missing for 4 years. Amber explained, while in tears, that she is hiding from her father who sexually abused her. Daphne pretended that she believed her – but she secretly consulted a private investigator.

Daphne found out that Amber’s real name is Lana Crump, and she is a fugitive. She once attempted to ruin a family. She accused a man of raping her when he didn’t agree to her terms. That man was beat up in prison and is now on a wheelchair. Amber’s own mother read her diary, found out that she wasn’t really raped – and went to the police. Amber left after that incident, she also took another identity so she can hide. She also has a son which she left behind.

Instead of turning in Amber, Daphne realised that she could be her escape. Truth was, Daphne’s married life is only picture perfect. She is actually being abused by Jackson – emotionally and physically. He controls everything – from the food she eats, her weight, her clothes, and how she spends her time. When she does something wrong or when she does not follow Jackson’s request sexually, he either blackmails her, or holds a gun to her head. She tried escaping Jackson previously, but with his connections, she only found herself locked up in a pysch institution.

It also became obvious to Daphne that Amber is trying to seduce Jackson – so she helped her. From dropping hints on how he fell in love with her, from inviting her to family events, from making sure Amber looks better than her by gaining a few extra pounds herself – to setting up the both of them to accidentally meet in the apartment.

Daphne eventually got what she wanted. Amber also thought she got what she was dreaming of. Jackson has divorced Daphne and married Amber.

Daphne went home to her mother with her 2 daughters. She told her everything. She also talked to Jackson – blackmailed him this time. She revealed Amber’s true identity, and Jackson was too surprised. Daphne gave him papers to sign to give up his rights to their daughters in exchange of not turning Amber in to the police. Jackson agreed, and Daphne bought a house in California.

Amber has now finally discovered who the real Jackson is after her real identity was revealed – and he scares her. She tried fighting back, but Jackson was stronger, more violent, and also has a gun. She is now living the life Daphne wanted to escape.

After settling in to California, Daphne had to go back and see Jackson one last time. She came to witness his arrest – he had multiple offshore accounts that he didn’t pay taxes on. This was uncovered with the help of his new assistant, Douglas, who’s sister with CF was helped by Daphne. Jackson got arrested, and Daphne proceeded to confront Amber.

Amber was stunned that Daphne knows about her. She tried asking for her help to escape Jackson, claiming that they are friends after all. When Daphne declined, Amber’s back to her usual selfish self who never cared about Daphne.

Daphne later on revealed that Amber is about to lose it all, since Jackson got arrested.

All is now well for Daphne, finally.

The End of The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine.

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