Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins – Book Review

When a young man is found gruesomely murdered in a London houseboat, it triggers questions about three women who knew him – Laura, Carla & Miriam.

I found it difficult to read – especially after being bombarded with too much characters even on the first few chapters. Some characters were not properly introduced – and were being called by another name on different chapters. For example, Laura gave the detectives their own nicknames when she talks about them. Then another character talks about the same detectives using their correct names.

At some point, Miriam calls Jeremy Jez. At some chapters, she starts calling him Jeremy again. Sometimes Theo Myerson is addressed as Theo. Sometimes simply Myerson. Also, a character called Diedre was highly emphasized at the first few chapters – then she doesn’t get to participate again until the last few chapters.

The plot twist wasn’t really shocking – it was just another solved crime. There was no “wait, what?” moment. It was more of “oh okay, finally”.

Aside from the overwhelming number of characters.. I think there were too much stories in this novel. Carla revealed her own story, Laura had a totally different story, Miriam has her own tragedy which was sort of focused on the book via inserted chapters. I don’t think they were all relevant.

Overall, I found it dragging and unrewarding.

I did read Paula Hawkin’s Into The Water – that was dragging too but at least the ending gave justice to the book. It’s unfortunately not the same for this book.

✖ Did not enjoy, sorry won’t recommend  
⭐1/5 Stars 

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