The Pain I Wanted (Poem #125)

They talk as if you’re one great risk

I guess they’ll never understand

they talk as if you’d slash my wrist

instead of simply holding my hand

I am the damsel in distress

innocent at it’s best

and you are the knight

the kind that have always been reckless

You are the kind that would never think twice

when you rip one heart apart

I know I was well warned

but I was never alarmed

they told me it would hurt

and instead of being driven away

I was intrigued

I wanted the pain measured myself

Fast forward

and it ended slightly the way it should be

they were right

but I wasn’t wrong either

for it didn’t hurt as bad

yes he ripped my heart apart

but he did  it so gently

it was so sweet

so overwhelming

that I knew, that there could still be pleasure

when the heart is breaking

Published by

Forever Winter

Just reading and writing my way out of this messy adult life! I have transitioned from having piles of notebooks stacked underneath my bed from writing on the internet and allowing people worldwide to read.

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