What We Forgot to Bury by Marin Montgomery – Book Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the novel. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to read the entire book first before proceeding

Elizabeth Laughlin purposely knocked on Charlotte Couburn’s house one stormy night. She was planning tl get close to Charlotte so she can prove her father’s innocence.

Elle’s father, Randall, was in prison because of Charlotte. Randall and Charlotte were lovers before. Charlotte claimed that Randall pushed her down the basement where it killed her baby – and it almost killed her. However, Randall claims he is innocent, and he wants Elle to prove that.

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Elle spent time with Charlotte. They formed a friendship although they still have doubts about each other. Elle doubts Charlotte because she thinks she is a dangerous woman, the kind who can put an innocent man in jail. Charlotte doubts Elle because she kept telling lies.

Elle got pregnant by her boyfriend, Justin, who was confused with what to do so he ended up splitting up wih Elle. Elle is in a bad situation – she is about to be 18 and she’ll be kicked out of her foster home without any money for herself and for her baby. She also got expelled from school after she fought with Courtney – there were rumors that Courtney also got pregnant by Justin.

Charlotte is currently in a bad situation. Although she is wealthy – she is currently extra anxious these days because she got mugged in the parking lot. She is also pregnant. Her husband, Noah, is always travelling, so she is usually alone in her home.

Charlotte decided to invite Elle to stay with her in her house while Noah is still not around. Elle agreed since she wants to get closer to Charlotte for her father’s benefit and also, staying at Charlotte’s house is way better than the Dianne’s apartment.

While staying at Charlotte’s – Elle met Lauren. Charlotte wasn’t around when she came by. When Charlotte found out that Lauren visited, she freaked out and told Elle about all the horrible things Lauren did to her back when they were roommates. When Elle met Lauren the 2nd time, she told Elle a different story. Lauren claims that it was Charlotte who did horrible things to her back in college. Lauren also claims that Noah, is her husband – and not Charlotte. Charlotte and Noah are only bestfriends, but Charlotte has always liked Noah. Charlotte even slept with Noah.

Elle believed Lauren, because she has the documents to back up her story. Now she is no longer sure if it still safe for her to stay with Charlotte.

Charlotte also found out that Elle’s father is Randall. The man she sent to prison, the man she sent to jail, the man she has always been aftaid of.

Elle and Charlotte had a confrontation. Charlotte ended up locking Elle in one of the bedrooms, because Noah just arrived.

Noah and Charlotte talked in the other room and Elle was able to listen to their conversation. Noah suggested that it’s time to set Randall free from prison. Noah confessed that it was actually him who pushed Charlotte down the stairs, not Randall. Charlotte didn’t see him. He hid, and Charlotte was so caught up with her argument with Randall.

Noah decided to push Charlotte down the stairs because she is pregnant with his child. He doesn’t want kids, and he doesn’t want to ruin what he has with Lauren.

Noah prepared Charlotte’s suicide note and forced her to swallow some pills. Before she died, Charlotte was able to unlock the bedroom door where Elle stayed. Charlotte told Elle to look for help.

Charlotte got killed – she didn’t make it, the pills from Noah killed her. Noah got killed by Elle, but she was just defending herself.

Lauren arrived. Elle explained what happened.

In the end, Randall got released from prison after Lauren found evidence against Noah (he had been practicing Charlotte’s handwriting for the suicide note). Charlotte’s laptop also recorded Noah’s confession.

Elle now shares an apartment with her father. Justin also apologized, assure he and Courtney were never a thing, and assured that he’ll always be there for Elle and their baby.

Elle gave birth and named her daughter Katrina Dove Laughlin.

The End of What We Forgot to Bury by Marin Montgomery.

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