The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo – Book Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the novel. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to read the entire book first before proceeding

Lucy and Gabe met in college, on September 11 twin tower crash. They also had their first kiss that day.

They liked it each other but Gabe ended it this time – he went back to her ex, Stephanie. They just recently broke up and he felt like he needed to be there for her. Gabe apologized to Lucy.

Years later, Lucy was already working. She and her friends were celebrating her birthday in a bar – Gabe also happened to be there. He was going through a rough time, he and Stephanie broke up. They started their relationship here.

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They were happy and in love together. Lucy move in with Gabe. They were perfecy.

However Gabe had to go. He’s a photographer, and he was planning to leave the country for his career. He told Lucy after he said yes to that opportunity. Lucy was angry and heartbroken. Gabe offered for her to go with him but it felt just like an after thought, just to ease his guilt. That was the end of their relationship.

At some point they exchanged emails, but that was it.

Lucy met Darren. He’s a good man and he really liked Lucy. They dated, got engaged, got married, had kids. In between their relationship Gabe came back to New York – he met up with Lucy but only for a quick coffee. Darren was aware of it too.

Lucy’s career is going great – even though she had to discuss it with Darren several times that she doesn’t want to stay at home.

Gabe’s career is doing amazing too – he’s been on tv, his work is being published on magazines..

He also had this exhibit, and Lucy went there with her friend, Julia. The photos were great, but what struck her the most were her photos. There was a wall of the photos Gabe took of her. She was flattered, but she was worried that this might offend Darren.

Lucy told Darren about the photos – he wanted to see it himself. That was the time Darren felt uncomfortable and threatened towards Gabe.

When Gabe’s mom died – Lucy comforted him. Darren was uncomfortable about it. He asked that she bring their daughter, Violet.

Darren allowed Gabe to be invited to their apartment to bake cookies with Violet – Violet insisted because he wanted to cheer him up.

Lucy once saw a notification on Darren’s phone. It was a message from Linda. She couldn’t open the phone to check the messages – but she also noticed how Darren became secretive. She assumed he is cheating. She was angry, but she decided to keep quiet to keep her family intact.

Just in time, Gabe was in New York. They had lunch. Had some drinks. Lucy told him about Linda. Since she thought that Darren’s cheating, she felt no guilt – she made love with Gabe that afternoon.

When she came home, Darren revealed that he bought her a house, and the name of the realtor was Linda. She and Darren had sex that night.

She decided that she would not leave Darren – he was still a good man who loves her after all. Then she got pregnant – this would be her 3rd child, but she is not sure who the father is this time. Darren was happy, Gabe didn’t know.

Gabe called Lucy asking if she made up her mind, telling her he plans on going back to New York – she revealed that Darren wasn’t cheating after all, and can’t promise hin anything. She still didn’t tell him that she’s pregnant. They said i love you to each other.

One day Lucy received a call from Gabe’s colleague, telling her that Gabe got injured and they need her decision since she is listed as his medical proxy. She knows she had to go to Jerusalem.

She argued about it with Darren but he eventually let her as long as she’ll be back in a few days.

Gabe is in the ICU. He is brain dead.

Lucy decided to do a paternity test.

She’s carrying Gabe’s son.

Lucy held Gabe’s body as he died.

The End of The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

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