Layla by Colleen Hoover – Book Summary

This is a summary based on my understanding of the novel. Please also note that this summary contains spoilers. You may want to read the entire book first before proceeding

Layla and Leeds met at a bed and breakfast – after Aspen’s wedding. Aspen is Layla’s sister. Leeds was part of the band and Layla was dancing on their song.

They talked after the wedding, spent the night with each other – and didn’t go home after even after everyone left the next day. Layla ended up staying in Leeds’ apartment.

Leeds once posted a photo of him and Layla, but eventually deleted it after reading mean comments. There was one girl who messaged Layla, it was Sabel. Leeds’ most recent ex.

While Layla was in Leeds’ apartment, there was a knock and she opened the door. The woman behind the door was Sabel, and she shot Layla in the head. Leeds heard the gunshot and saw Sabel, he was shot on the shoulder. Leeds ended up shotting Sabel.

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Sabel died. Layla is suffering from the head injury and had to recover for months. Leeds stayed with him.

To help Layla recover, Leeds brought him to the bed and breakfast where they first met. Layla is different now but Leeds tries to be understanding because he knows she is suffering. She’s always tired, her vibe is different and she seemed to have lost some of her memory.

While in the house, strange things were happening. Someone put off a fire when Leeds left what he was cooking, someone slammed his laptop shut. Freaked out, he started joining a forum and someone suggested that he talk to the ghost. It seemed absurd but he gave it a try and the ghost was responsive.

He started with the keys in the piano, then eventually talked to the ghost using the laptop. The ghost’s name is Willow and she doesn’t have any memory of who she is, she is not sure if she was a person or just an entity. She also hasn’t gone outside the property.

Willow also admitted that she used Layla’s body during meals – Leeds remembered noticing this. Layla was just eating slowly, then she ate very fast and consumed the food on her plate, then freaked out after noticing that the food from her plate is gone. That was Willow.

Leeds ended up liking his interactions with Willow and even looked forward to the nights when Layla sleeps and Willow takes over. He knows it’s wrong and unfair to Layla but he couldn’t help it, he is drawn to Willow. He also noticed that he is starting to fall out of love with Layla.

On one of the nights, while Willow was using Layla’s body, Leeds thought that it felt right. Leeds also discussed with Willow what really happened the night they got shot.

Leeds noticed something. Willow mentioned about a fan club, and he never mentioned that to Willow or Layla before. That’s when Leeds realized that Willow is Sabel. The timing was right.. Willow showed up in the bed and breakfast after Sabel died.

Horrified, Leeds asked Willow to stop using Layla. He also packed and was ready to leave the house along with Layla. Willow pleaded, she’s honestly not sure if she really is Sabel, but Leeds is already convinced about it.

Eventually, Leeds decided to help Willow, even if she is Sabel. He knows that he would always be haunted knowing that some ghost is trapped in the bed and breakfast. It is also possible that Willow is still here because she needs forgiveness and closure. They decided to reach out to the guy from the forum who offered to help.

Meanwhile, Layla was freaked out because she could remember going out of the house but then she found herself in bed again. Leeds tried to explain the truth, leaving out the fact that Willow is Sabel. Layla wouldn’t believe him. They tried to show her – Willow used Layla’s body and introduced herself to the camera as Leeds recorded, then they showed it to Layla. Layla still freaked out and accused Leeds of drugging her.

The guy from the forum interviewed him. He asked a lot of questions. Willow tried using Leeds’ body as the guy threw questions. After that, the guy asked to see Layla’s medical history. Then, the guy got the answer.

Willow is Layla. And the soul that’s using Layla’s body is Sabel. There were two souls that died in the room that night, only one body survived. Sabel’s soul occupied Layla’s, and Layla’s soul is lost, and has been stuck in a place that was memorable to her.

Leeds refused to believe this at first, but he threw questions at Willow that only the 2 of them knows, and Willow was able to answer. Those same questions were questions the current Layla could not answer.. this also explaines why Leeds has been falling in love with Willow.

The guy left – Leeds and Willow pleaded for him to help them, but there was solution. He got the answers, but that’s just it. Leeds would have to deal with Sabel and Layla in this house.

When Layla’s body sleeps, it goes back to Sabel, and the real Layla couldn’t possess it anymore.

They tied Layla’s body, and when Sabel woke up, as expected, she’s still freaking out. This went on, until Aspen and Chad came over, and until Willow decided that she can’t exist anymore. They needed to take the risk.

Layla would need to die for a while so the real soul can take over. The real Laylo got it planned. She would drown, leave the body, and be on stand by until Sabel gets kicked out of the body and she could take over. Aspen is a nurse so it would help that she’s around. If this fails, Layla has scheduled a suicide note to be sent to their loved ones via email.

Layla drowned herself, Leeds helped in pushing her underwater. Leeds called Aspen and 911.. they only have 5 minutes and Leeds is so nervous because they might not able to bring Layla back.

In the hospital, Aspen was blaming Leeds. Leeds is finding it hard to defend himself, but thankfully, someone called for him, saying that Layla was looking for him.

They did it. Layla is back. It’s the right Layla this time.

They moved away from the bed and breakfast then travelled, just the two of them, and eventually purchases a house they both loved.

The End of Layla by Colleen Hoover

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