What We Forgot to Bury – Book Review

Had a hard time putting it down at first. The scenes between Elle and Charlotte were interesting and intense. I loved the way the story is told only between Elle and Charlotte’s POV – finally a suspense novel that doesn’t complicate how the story is told.

It was easy to read. There were quite a few shocking revalations. How the story is told isn’t confusing and it is easy to visualize the scenes.

However, there are some parts I didn’t enjoy. I wasn’t a fan of conversations where one refuses to answer a question in the beginning of the book then just starts narrating it out of blue when the book is almost finished (I am referring to how Randall finally tells Elle what happens after refusing to answer or mention this in the beginning)

Also, I think Charlotte’s character is undecided. I liked some parts of her character, but there are some parts I could not get a grip of. She’s portrayed to be dangerous because of what she did to Randall, she is mentally unstable for pretending her mother’s dead and for dodging her therapist. Then she’s a dangerous woman once again after her confrontation with Courtney. Then she’s kind of insane based on that google search. Then there’s this history with Lauren.

Didn’t cry on any scenes of this book 😀

Had a hard time trying to continue reading when i was already towards the end.


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