The Adam Project – Movie Summary (Spoiler & Ending)

This is a summary based on our understanding of the series.
Please also note that this summary contains spoilers.

The Adam Story One night while his mother went out to a date, Adam heard a commotion and found a man with a gunshot wound inside his fathers garage. It turns out that man was his older self, and he just traveled in time by mistake,

The older Adam is running away from May Sorian, as he looks for his wife, Laura. Laura has been killed, but older Adam refuses to believe it. True enough, as Sorian arracked, Laura appeared. She was alive afterall and appreciated that Adam really looked for her.

Their reunion didn’t last long since Sorian found them once again. Laura insisted that she gets left behind while Adam fixes the timeline.

The older and the young Adam are together. The young Adam helped in powering the jet plane since it needed their healthy DNA and older Adam is still recovering from the gunshot. They traveled back to when their Dad was still alive.

It was their Dad who invented the time travel, and Sorian was his partner. They explained what happened to him, except for his future where he died. They tried telling him but he refused to know.

Together – Old and young Adam and their Dad, they destroyed the time travel. Sorian arrived and tried to stop them, but she ended up shooting her younger self.

The time travel has been destroyed – everything has been fixed. After that, the three of them talked and were also able to fix issues about their relationship. The three of them played until the old and young Adam disappeared.

Since the time travel is already gone – the story goes on accordingly. Adam grows up, goes to college and meets Laura for the first time.

The End of The Adam Project Movie.


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