Inventing Anna – Movie Summary (Spoiler & Ending)

This is a summary based on our understanding of the series.
Please also note that this summary contains spoilers.

Episode 1 Reporter proposed that she covers Anna’s story – she’s having a hard time convincing her bosses. She finally got 2 weeks. She is hoping that this will help her career. She is pregnant – but she travels to have a chance at interviewing Anna.

After a few conversations with Anna, the both of them wre finally able to agree. At first Anna said that she won’t be proceeding with the interview and she’ll be taking the plea / deal (there will be no trial.) When the reporter finally knew what Anna wants – they both got what they wanted. Anna agreed to help the reporter, she’ll give her a story. The reporter will help Anna get famous.. in the end Anna did not take the plea so there will be a trial.

Episode 2 Reporter now has the opportunity to interview Anna – so she starts interviewing her and her friends. She listened about Anna’s life through her friends, Val & Talia.

Talia was a friend of Anna whom she met at an art exhibit. Talia is very rich, and was impressed by Anna. Since Chase was working on an App and was looking for investors they got themselves invited to Talia’s friends yatch. Talia got impressed by Anna once again – but it ended there when she discovered that 5 days after they all left, Anna and Chase were still hanging around the boat. Talia got angry and that was the end of their friendship.

Val is a fashion designer who got close to Anna. He once saw Anna breakdown once when her credit cards didn’t work at the hotel. He had a look at her passport (as per previous instructions feom Anna’s ex, Chase). Val found out that her surname is Sorokin, and not Delvey. Val told Chase about this. Chase confronted Anna, and she got angry because he read her passport. Chase said it was Val who read the passport – so they cut off Val.

Reporter now wants to talk to Chase.

Episode 3 Vivian gets to talk to Nora & Chase.

Nore is Val’s wealthy client, who’s also a friend. Anna and Chase lived with her for a while, even after Anna and Chase cut off Val. Nora is fond of Chase at first since she is interested and an investor as well on his app called Wake. Anna is also building her business, the ADF, and she seemed to be not getting any connections yet – not until she discovered about what was really going on with Chase and his business. He ran out of money. The $3M is gone. And he is hoping for the $2M investment from Nora’s friend to get back on track. However, Anna betrayed him. She told Nora about what really is going on with Wake, and Nora shifted her attention to ADF where she introduced Anna to her friends. This leads to Anna building her dream team for ADF.

When things seemed to be going well between Anna and Nora, Nora got a call regarding credit card charges. Anna had been purchasing clothes behind her back. Anna left without any explanation to Nora.

Vivian was finally able to contact Chase after multiple attempts. Chase told her about how Anna betrayed him to go ahead with ADF. He asked for 40% shares of ADF, reminding her that he knows about her passport – Anna didn’t take him seriously and left him.

Vivian is now looking into the ADF (Anna Delvey Foundation)

Episode 4

Anna had enough connections for ADF. She got the right people who believes in her idea. Now she needs funding to secure the building, 281 Park.

She applied for a loan with the help of Alan Reed. He declined multiple times, but Anna didn’t give up. She was able to invite Alan to a dinner party where all her influencial connections attended. Alan was impressed, the powerul people believing in Anna eventually convinced him.

Anna provided Alan with contact details for a man called “Peter” he manage Anna’s family’s wealth. Peter assured he’ll send documents to Alan, as well as Alan’s retainer and the downpayment for the loan.

Truth was, Peter was just Anna. She simply bought a simcard and downloaded an app so she can pretend to be Peter. She never had the money for Alan’s retainer and the downpayment to have the loan approved. To proceed with what she wanted, she pressured Alan. Alan used his connections to make sure Anna’s loan application is approved.

Episode 5 Neff, Vivian, Rachel, Kacy

After Anna had the money from her loan, she stayed at 12 George Street where she met Neff. According to Neff, Anna is the real deal and is legit. She tipped in 100USD bills. Neff became friends with Anna and they went to parties and shopped together. Neff liked Anna for who she is although they had a little confrontation back when Anna wasn’t paying her bills. Her hotel dues reached $30,000 and Neff paid for their dinner once because Anna’s credit card got declined.

Neff doubted Anna, then regretted doubting her after Anna paid her hotel bill in full before leaving. Neff apologized to Anna on the day she checked out.

Now in prison, Anna was visited by Neff and they talked about updates on Neff’s life and the hotel.

Meanwhile Vivian is dealing with her own issue as a journalist. She had been labeled as a bad journalist because of something she wrote before about a 16 year old who made millions from the stock market. That kid had an exclusive interview and told his version of the story – which was bad for Vivian. Vivian is also angry at her editor, Paul, since she believes he let her write that article for his personal gain.

Episode 6 Morocco / Kacy

Vivian talked to Kacy.

After Anna left the hotel, she went to Morroco with Kacy & Rachel. Vivian got the details from Kacy, their coach. They stayed at the most expensive resort and even had a videographer, Noah, to document their trip. Kacy had food poisoning on the first few days of the trip and decided to just head home.

Anna, Rachel & Noah stayed. After Kacy left, the guards from the resort demanded a card from Anna. Anna said her bank is still sorting it out – Rachel ended up providing her credit card but just to have it on hold. It won’t be charged until check out. They also went on a tour to a garden where their bill was $2,000. Anna didn’t have cash, and her credit card is still not sorted. Rachel struggled to access her credit card – but she was able to pay.

Noah is actually in a relationship with Rachel, and he witnessed how weird Anna was acting. He suggested they leave. They left Morroco, and left Anna alone in the resort.

After the trip was over, Rachel later on found out that Anna charges everything to her credit card. It was a total of $62,000.

As for the trip going back to New York, Anna called Kacy and told her she got mugged and needed her to buy her tickets.

Anna also kept bothering Kacy. She stayed with her once, then after a few days she asked to sleep over again. After knowing about what really happened in Morroco, Kacy decided to no longer help Anna.

Vivian is now trying to talk to Rachel.

Episode 7 Rachel

Vivian failed to contact Rachel – because Rachel told her story at Vanity Fair.

Rachel works at Vanity Fair and the $62,000 bill was charged on the company’s credit card. Rachel pleaded for Anna to pay her back. Anna kept making excuses and it even lasted for 3 months. When Rachel finally talks to Anna over the phone, Anna told her to pick up a check in her hotel room. When Rachel arrived, Anna has already been kicked out for not paying the bill.

With the help of Kacy and her client, Nicole – they invited Anna so she could be face to face with Rachel. They talked, Rachel cried and pleaded. Anna said she’s busy with ADF, then Kacy revealed that her building has already been leased. This was news to Anna. Anna said she’s going to the bathroom – but she escaped, leaving her friends in the restaurant.

Anna has been homeless. She met her lawyer Todd after the W Hotel called the police. She even asked to stay with Todd as she has nowhere else to go, which Todd declined.

Anna got some cash. She deposited money via check to one bank, then withdrew it from another bank. She seemed happy at the moment with the cash on her handbag.

Vivian also finished writing her article – then she proceeded to giving birth.

Episode 8 Anna / Vadim

Vivian goes to germany to get further details about Anna. She was expecting to find out that Anna had a terrible past, a horrible father – but instead she found a normal family. She talked to Anna’s parents. They were living a simple life, and they are not rich.

Through flashbacks – it was shown how Anna was arrested. After she got herself some cash, she flew to New York. Checked into a hotel, drank wine and pills. She woke up the next day in a hospital. She talked to a doctor who recommended she undergo rehab. In the middle of rehab, Rachel calls her. Rachel told Anna that she’s also in LA, and that they should go out for lunch. Anna walked away in the middle of rehab and while still in the middle of her phone call with Rachel – she got arrested. Rachel has set her up.

After finding out that Anna had a normal family – Vivian went home earlier than planned. When she got home she found a mail from Anna’s father. It contains the documents from Anna’s hospitalization after her attempted suicide at the hotel. In the documents Anna described her father as alcoholic and abusive. Vivian later on figured out that Anna didn’t try to kill herself – she simply wanted to buy herself some time since her passport is expiring.

Episode 9 Trial 2/3

It is now Anna’s trial – and her lawyer is having a hard time because she doesn’t want to go to court without having a proper outfit. The lawyer and Vivian eventually helped her – she got the dresses. Anna’s friend, Neff, was also there. When Neff found out that Anna wanted a crowd, she created and instagram account for her where she posted about Anna’s outfits in the courtroom. Anna has become famous – the court room is now filled with photographers.

Anna was found guilty on 8 out of 10 charges. She was Not Guilty on the case against Rachel Williams because after Rachel cried on the stand and got the sympathy from the jury, it was later found out that she set up Anna to her arrest and also monetized her story. She’ll be earning around $600,000 because she got a book deal and their is an upcomming TV Show.

Anna ended up getting 4 to 12 years in prison. She’ll be transferred from Rikers. Vivian said a teary goodbye to Anna.

Anna got out on February 2021 (got out early for good behavior) but she was taken into custody by ICE for overstaying her visa.

The End of Inventing Anna.


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