Valentine’s Day – Movie Summary (Spoiler & Ending)

This is a summary based on our understanding of the series.
Please also note that this summary contains spoilers.

It’s Valentine’s Day and different couples go through their own ups and downs.

Reed & Morley (Ashton Kutcher & Jessica Alba) Reed wakes up and proposes to his girlfriend, Morley. She said yes, he was so happy. Reed is a florist, and he proudly announced that Morley said yes. In the middle of the day Morley visits, she wasn’t wearing their engagement ring. She said she wanted to keep it lowkey for now, she doesn’t want the fuss it will cause in the office. Later that day, Reed comes home to an almost empty room. Morley has packed up, she said she realized she is not ready for this kind of commitment.

Kate & Holden (Julia Roberts & Bradley Cooper) Kate and Bradley are seated next to each other on a plane. It’s a 14 hour flight. Kate is a captain in the US Army and is only on a one day leave. They had fun talking and when they landed, Holden let her borrow his car so she can go home directly. Kate is going home for his son – Edison.

Julia & Harrison (Jennifer Garner & Patrick Dempsey) Julia and Harrison spent the night together – but he’s leaving on Valentine’s Day because he’s a heart surgeon and is needed in the hospital. He dropped by to Siena Bouquet to buy 2 bouquets, one for Julia, the other one for his wife. Just in time, it was Reed who was taking the order and he is Julia’s bestfriend. Now he is torn if he should tell Julia about this or not.

Reed realized that he had to tell Julia because he would’ve appreciated it if his friends also told him that him and Morley looked incompatible. Reed tried telling Julia, but she didn’t believe him and proceeded to fly to see Harrison.

Grace & Alex (Emma Roberts & Carter Jenkins) This Valentine’s Day they planned to have sex since they are already 18. It went horribly because Grace’s mom arrived and saw Alex naked.

Edgar & Estelle (Hector Elizondo & Shirley MacLaine) Their long marriage was put to test when Estelle revealed that she cheated on Edgar before with his business partner. Their affair didn’t last long, Estelle apologized – Edgar walked away. He went to the cemetery where there was film showing, he usually goes there with Estelle. As he was watching the film he heard Estelle screaming, looking for him. He hurriedly went to her. They were able to make up.

Willy & Felicia (Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift) They are new couples and they agreed to wait to have sex. They proudly display their affection towards each other.

Kara & Kelvin (Jessica Biel & Jamie Foxx) Kara is the publicist of football player Sean Jackson – and Kelvin is a sports reporter. They met on Valentine’s Day when Kelvin saw the chance to interview Sean. Kara and Kelvin started talking, he even attended the event Kara organized which is I Hate Valentine’s Day party.

Liz & Jason (Anne Hathaway & Topher Grace) Liz and Jason worked in the same company and started dating. However, Jason overheard Liz talking dirty to someone on the phone. Jason got upset, even after Liz explained that she’s a phone sex operator, since she has a $100,000 student loan.

Sean & Holden (Eric Dane & Bradley Cooper) Holden was in a plane, traveling during Valentine’s day. When he landed he went home and approached the sleeping Sean.

Reed & Julia (Ashton Kutcher & Jennifer Garner) Julia went back home after confirming that her boyfriend is indeed married. She was able to let him know how angry she was during his dinner date with his wife. As she got home, she attended Kara’s I Hate Valentine’s Day party and went to Reed. Reed was throwing flowers in the river, sad over his break up. Reed & Julia, since they are bestfriends – started kissing and laughing.

The End of Valentine’s Day Movie.


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