Level 16 – Movie Summary (Spoiler & Ending)

This is a summary based on our understanding of the series.
Please also note that this summary contains spoilers.

Vivien is in a prison like boarding school for girls. She makes sure to follow the rules since they were told that once they reach level 16 and graduate, they will be adopted by a family.

The girls are required to wash their faces thoroughly. They have the same uniforms, they line up to drink their vitamins, they have chores – they don’t study. They haven’t been outside, they have never seen the sky since they were born. They were told the air outside is very polluted and could be harmful.

When Vivien was finally on level 16, she was reunited with an old friend, Sophia. They were close as kids – they just got separated in class to prevent them from bonding. Now that they are on the same dorm, Sophia kept on approaching Vivien, giving her warnings.

Sophia told Vivien to not take the Vitamins for that night. She obeyed – and as she was in her bed, she noticed that everyone else are already sleeping. She tried calling out to the girl beside her, but she wouldn’t wake up. Sophie, who also didn’t take the pills, said it is no use since they have been put to sleep. Sophie warned her to pretend to be asleep when the guards come in.

True enough, a guard and Miss Brixil came into the room to pick up two girls: Vivien and Olivia. Vivien pretended to be asleep as a couple checked them so they can choose who to buy. They chose Olivia and Vivien was brought back.

Vivien was convinced that the academy is lying to them, and now she wants to escape. She tried going out, but the doors are locked and the only way to open it is the by using the card owned by one of the staff / guard.

The girls talked to a doctor, Doctor Miro, who gave them vaccines. On one of the vaccines that he provided, Vivien didn’t feel well. One student noticed that she was acting weird, that she talked a little louder – so she reported her. Vivien was locked in a cage by Miss Brixil.

While in a cage, a guard went to the girl’s dorm. Sophia knows about this, she saw him a couple of times. The guard touches the girls as they sleep. Sophia has prepared a rope and fought with the guard. She ended up injuring him with the use of an iron, and she got his card for the door. Sophia immediately went to Vivien to save her. As she was about to open the locks the alarm went off and Sophia panicked because she was still covered in the guard’s blood. She ran, leaving Vivien still locked.

Miss Brixil took Vivien out of the cage to join the other girls as she announced that Sophia has betrayed the acadamy and took something valuable (the card). They urged anyone who has the card to admit it. Since no one admitted it, Doctor Miro took Rita and warned the girls that she’s the first one – he’ll punish them one by one until they tell the truth.

Before they were sent to bed, Miss Brixil gave them pills once again. This time, she waited until the girls drank it. She even asked Vivien to lift her tongue. She swallower the pill, and as she was in bed she fought the groginess. She will be using the card that Sophie left to escape tonight, but to her disappointment, the door won’t open no matter how many times she swiped it. She ended up taking off the screws one by one, it took time but she was able to remove the door.

She’s still groggy – she passed by Dr. Miro’s clinic but it was Miss Brixil who was there. She confronted her and they fought. Miss Brixil was holding an injection for defense, Vivien was able to fight her and stabbed her. She asked Miss Brixil where Sophie.

Sophie is downstairs, fully covered – but still alive. Vivien helped her. As they were about to escape they got curious about the place they were in – they also found corpses. They opened one, it was Rita – her face is gone but her body is still intact.

Vivien was very eager to leave the place but Sophie is staying behind to help the other girls. As Sophie went to fetch the other girls, Vivien decided to help too. As she was roaming around she passed by a video ad of the academy – it turns out they offer new faces to their customers, and it will be their faces that will be used.

The other girls are still hesitant at believing Sophie when she tried explaining to them that they are in prison. Vivien appeared – dragging Miss Brixil. While still being tied, Miss Brixil admitted the truth that Vivien mentioned. They also confirmed that Miss Brixil has undergone the procedure and has been using someone else’s face. The other girls believed Vivien and Sophie – and all of them escaped.

While they were trying to escape, the other girls were able to run away but Sophie got hurt since they are still being chased by the guards. Vivien didn’t leave Sophie’s side.

While hiding, Dr. Miso found them. The door is locked so he can’t go to the girls directly. He talked tl Vivien – assuring her that she’s different from the other girls and that he can save her. Vivien didn’t believe him. When Dr. Miso mentioned that he spent 16 years of his career waiting on Vivien’s face – Vivien cut her face until blood dripled. Dr. Miso got frustrated and he was summoned by the dangerous men who has been behind the academy.

Vivien and Sophie slept in that room until a policewoman kicked the door and rescued them. For the first time, they were able to enjoy the sunlight as the policewoman escorted them to safety.

The End of Level 16 Movie.


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