Me, and This Blog

I know one day I’ll forget
one day, I will fade
so I made sure to leave some words
some sneak peak to my thoughts
for the days I will be forgotten
these footprints will make it seem
like I will always be around
my memories will bring me back
like I haven’t been gone


About Me & Why I Started the Blog

I once dreamt of standing in the middle of my own library which contains all the books that I have written. At 13 years old, I already knew what I want to keep on doing, but I also knew that maybe what I want to do could be the reason that I’ll fail. Not every poet and writer produce masterpieces that people will love. Just because you wrote dozens of articles, doesn’t mean people will read them.

At 16, I wrote short stories that I published on my tumblr blog, hoping that for a day, I could get hundreds of readers. I didn’t get what I hoped for. I uploaded a poem on the internet which I thought was the best (poem #147 “What If Your Prince Isn’t Charming?” – coming soon on this blog) and reached as far as 23 notes. I once poured my heart out on a paragraph just to get two likes.

Now I know my mistake. I wrote to impress, to be published, to be recognized. A year later I became so busy I could no longer find the time to research on how to get my works published, so I gave up. I wrote for myself. I wrote everything I wanted to read without worrying what other people may think in case they read it. It probably was too boring or pointless for someone else but for me, it was the best decision that I made.

It’s not that i gave up on my dreams. The dream still exists, it’s just that i know better: You don’t roam around carrying a masterpiece and then shove them to people’s view, hoping they’d appreciate it. You don’t roam around a crowd randomly asking people to love you, because in that way you’ll lose your value. On the past years of failure and silent rejections (in a form of ignorance), I have learned to stay in one place and to wait. To polish myself, so that I won’t offer the world a half baked masterpiece.

On my late teenage years I started writing on notebooks. I have a little bookshelf at home filled with notebooks that contain my scribbles, plots, drafts and memories of heartbreak and success. I wrote until my hand hurt, I wrote until I feel satisfied and at ease. In my journals, I found no rejection and judgement.

When I graduated, I found the time that I lost when I was in college. I started writing again. This time, on a blog. I decided to open up a little. I decided to let a few interested people take a peak on what I have been writing for the past few years (for 4 years I have written 189 poems that I decided to publish on this blog, one poem per week). This time, I decided to tell my story.

May everyone who dares to read, find my poem, stories and articles helpful and relevant. Much love, from the woman behind forever-winter,

Eva Harmoni ❤️


Contact Me

For collaborations, other requests or if you simply just want to talk, you can reach me through this blog, or email me at . It would also be greatly appreciated if you could report broken links, typos and other detail on this blog that you think is not right, and may want to discuss further.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all soon 🙂

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