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Within Endings: this is how we began

even before we started,
I already imagined our end
I thought I was preparing myself
I thought it would be enough to keep me safe

Within Endings: the in between

we could end
but let’s prolong the pain
we could say our goodbyes
but let’s give it another try
this is not the end
this is just a phase

Within Endings: can we take another year?

i hold on for too long
how do you like my grasp?
appreciate it while it lasts

i know I love you still
but our end lingers
i think,
we’re counting down our days

Within Endings: i swear, it ends here

was it my mistake
to think about how we’ll end,
even before we started?

here goes our ending
but who would’ve thought
that while we were about to end
we had moments that felt like
we were just getting started

Self Reflection

Finding Answers: Loving Yourself in Your 20s (thoughts & phrases)

In this book, you’ll find the answers to questions you ever thought about asking. This book contains some of my favorite pieces of advice for anyone who feels like being an adult is too much. These thoughts and phrases are pulled from articles, books and vlogs, compile to either keep you moving or put your mind at ease.

Book of Questions: 365 Questions to Know Yourself Better

In this book you’ll find 365 questions about yourself that will make you think and reflect. Answer them truthfully to get to know yourself best and for you to preserve that opinion. Give yourself the chance to reflect on it—because who knows what your opinion will be 10 years from now?