You Were Never Really Mine (Poem #141)

I’d call you once

and you’d be on the run

I’d say come here

and you’d be on your feet


That’s the thing with your priorities

when I knew you had a list

I demanded to be on top

without knowing that she was

and will always be up above


It just never happened

that we called at the same time

and I hope that day would never come

because even though I knew

it would still hurt to have my fears proven true

that she has always come first

and you’ve always been hers 


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Heartbreak Made Me Pause (Poem #138)

When you’re inlove

you can’t write what it’s all about

because you’re too busy being into it

you can’t even lend a minute

When you’re broken

that’s when the words come out

left alone with your thoughts,

the pain and rage

tangled the words at its best

Or atleast that’s what they say

but it’s different in my case..

the pain is crippling

nearly everything stings

every stroke leads me back to him

and no matter how much I love writing

I still don’t find it comforting.

It Was Her All Over Again (Poem #137)

It’s like I was summoned

to pick up the pieces she left

and when my job is done

I’d leave you clean

and myself, a mess

It took years to realize

that despite all these girls that in your life passed

she was your first

and she’ll be your last

What a shame

to date a dozen girls

introduce them to the dusts of your soul

that always end up spelling her name

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Our Silent End (Poem #135)

He never said it

and neither did I

wondering whose fault was it

but no one dared to explain why

It wasn’t whispered

it wasn’t even written

each second of being silent

brought us closer to an end

There wasn’t any trace

but the pain was deafening

for it’s the heart that heard the screaming

I guess that’s what the echo of a goodbye does

nobody else heard a sound

and the others that surround simply wondered

why you suddenly went crashing down.

What You Both Had (Poem #134)

Am I really supposed to hate

the girl you used to love?

Everything I did with you

I know you did that with her too

there’s nothing left for me to give

for everything you wanted

from her you already received

Still, I dare not wish

that I have met you first

because if we loved each other then

by now I am afraid we could’ve already ended

A part of me will always be glad

of the things the two of you both had

both stupid, both madly in love

both hoping that years after

it’s each other you’ll still have

And sometimes the past doesn’t hurt as bad

if you keep thinking how huge their mistake was

and you tell him, “that won’t happen to us”

What Are You So Afraid of? (Poem #133)

She said,
“I am afraid that I can’t love you enough.

I’m afraid that I can’t break the walls around myself
and instead of offering any help,

you end up giving up.

I’m afraid you’ll walk away,

blaming me for how hardly we fell out
because there’s too many things that I lack.

I’m afraid you’ll get fed up and realize

that while you were so busy trying to win me

you failed to see all the flaws and all the scars.

I’m afraid that when I finally decide to submit myself entirely

you’ll change your mind
and decide that your hardwork never really paid off

because I am hollow, there’s nothing you could have

there’s not much in me to love.”