Some Of Us Don’t Need Saving (Poem #50)

You have to realize that princesses

aren’t always supposed to wait in the castle for her prince charming

because he could be fighting dragons for other girls

he could be in the bar tossing coins

taking any girl home

or he could be on his way to your lovely loft

but got stuck on some maiden

thinking that you’ll just be there

certain that you will wait

for no one else but him

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Fed Up (Poem #47)

The taste of my wrath
will make you forget
how sweet I once was

I swear, the taste of my rage
will make all your love fade

The girl you liked
and the girl you loved
got fed up
with the lies and betrayal
the curses and the fake apologies Continue reading Fed Up (Poem #47)

Among All Comparisons (Poem #46)

Romantic novels made me believe
that love is a bunch of poetic comparison
between a masterpiece and a person

A gentleman found on pages
would recite how his woman resembles the sun
and sometimes the night sky Continue reading Among All Comparisons (Poem #46)

He Taught Me This (Poem #45)

Just when I thought
that my heart couldn’t beat faster
he taught it how to skip a beat

Just like how he taught me
to reach my boiling point
to be raging mad
to be on the verge of throwing
whatever that’s on my hand,
he taught me that with just a brush of his lips
I can end up saying
“why was I mad again?”

I Want to be Saved (Poem #44)

One day I grabbed a pen
and decided to write for myself
I stated in capslock:

Months passed after I was sure that I have fallen
I grabbed a marker
and wrote in bold letters:
save yourself Continue reading I Want to be Saved (Poem #44)

Who I Think He Is (Poem #43)

(From the eyes of someone who has been watching him shine)

He is a raging storm
with a name that has made hearts skip its usual beat

his name, on some girl’s lips
sometimes sounded like the yearning to be his
or the sound of “that should have been me”

to some, it sounded like poison
but as for me,
it has always sounded like home

Tell Me All of You (Poem #42)

I want to know the silly things you did when you were eight
or the stories you’ll never forget when you were sent to bed

tell me about your parents
tell me fragments of yourself
I truly wanna know

I want to know what makes your eyes light up
your brows meet
your fist clench
or your knees week Continue reading Tell Me All of You (Poem #42)

Myself, Before Anyone Else (Poem #41)

I change my skin
every now and then
if we built sparks some time ago
I hope you know that it won’t last long
and you could’ve seen
that my smile is be genuine
and I could have loved you despite the flaws
and everything in between
the moment you stepped on me
just for yourself
was the exact moment
that I decided to set you free.