What We Forgot to Bury – Book Review

Had a hard time putting it down at first. The scenes between Elle and Charlotte were interesting and intense. I loved the way the story is told only between Elle and Charlotte’s POV – finally a suspense novel that doesn’t complicate how the story is told.

It was easy to read. There were quite a few shocking revalations. How the story is told isn’t confusing and it is easy to visualize the scenes. Continue reading What We Forgot to Bury – Book Review

The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell – Book Review

It was supposed to be a simple date between young parents Tallulah & Zach, but they never came back. Their baby was left in the care of Tallulah’s mother, Kim. This happened in 2017. In 2019, a new resident arrived and saw “Dig Here” sign that reopens Tallulah’s case. The investigation starts again and this time, it looks like it is finally going somewhere. Where is Tallulah? And who placed the “dig here” sign?

I knew I would like this book the moment I started reading this. I liked the mystery, the thrill, and the emotion. It doesn’t only revolve around solving the disappearance of Tallulah & Zach – this involves emotion.

I loved how raw Kim’s character is. I loved how Tallulah & Zach aren’t one of those cringey couples, they actually have real & relatable relationship issues.

The main factor that kept me from giving this book 5 stars is Sophie, her personality and her thoughts about Liam. Inappropriate and irrelevant.

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Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins – Book Review

When a young man is found gruesomely murdered in a London houseboat, it triggers questions about three women who knew him – Laura, Carla & Miriam.

I found it difficult to read – especially after being bombarded with too much characters even on the first few chapters. Some characters were not properly introduced – and were being called by another name on different chapters. For example, Laura gave the detectives their own nicknames when she talks about them. Then another character talks about the same detectives using their correct names.

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Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney – Book Review

Adam and Amelia Wright travelled to Scotland during the weekend, in an attempt to improve their marriage. They stayed in Blackwater Chapel – it’s in the middle of nowhere, there is currently a snowstorm, there is no signal, and now the electricity is gone. The entire place is creepy, and the place is haunting them. Why does the bedroom they are staying in looked exactly the same as their bedroom back home? Who is that face Amelia saw on the window? Who rented them this place anyway?

If I could rate beyond 5 stars, I would. This is just amazing.

I think I found my favorite author. This is the first book I’ve read from Alice Feeney – and I sure am reading more because of Rock Paper Scissors.

I know I have rated other books 5 stars before – but this will be 5+ 🙌

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid – Book Review

Evelyn Hugo is finally ready to tell her story, and she chose Monique Grant to do the job. She’s now ready to narrate her story from where she began, to how she became a Hollywood Movie Icon, to her decision to leave the show business. She’s now ready to tell what happened with the 7 marriages she had. Who did she love most? Monique is ready to listen to her tale, even though she is wondering herself why, after other reputable journalists out there, did Evelyn choose her?

I gave this 4/5 rating on Goodreads. Really enjoyed the book, I can say it’s worth the hype. I’ve seen this book everywhere and thankfully got convinced into reading it.

I love Evelyn and Harry. I love how the chapters are organized per husband / timeline. Yes, I did cry on 2 scenes of this book. The story is unpredictable: after a few hours of thinking about the story prior to finishing it, after a few guesses about Monique’s role in all of this – I didn’t get it right at all!

Maybe the only factor that kept me from giving it 5 starts is Monique.. she’s too snappy, too sad. Or this is probably just because I didn’t want Evelyn’s story to be interrupted!

⭐4/5 Stars 

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Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty – Book Review

Joy Delaney is missing- her husband and the Delaney siblings are all worried. The siblings have reported it to the police, and there is an ongoing investigation. They found it disturbing that a young lady, named Savannah, suddenly knocked on their door and lived with them for a few months. Everyone is just trying to figure out where Joy has gone and if her husband, or their visitor has something to do with her disappearance.

I gave this 1/5 rating on Goodreads. I rarely give 1 star reviews. I found this book too long, too much repetitive scenes narrated from different POVs. Too many unnecessary POVs.. I finished the book, but all the while I was hoping it would end. I thought I was just impatient because I wanted to know what truly happened to Joy Delaney.. but even after it was revealed, I still felt like the succeeding scenes were too dragging. Every time I flip a page I end up asking – wait, another chapter? I was expecting for the acknowledgment page already!

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The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine – Book Review

This is about Amber, making her way into the lives of Mr. & Mrs. Parrish. She entered their lives, with a well thought plan. She thought she’s going to succeed this time – but it turns out she’s not the only one who has been keeping dark secrets.

I gave it 4/5 on Goodreads. This was not really the kind of dark suspense I was looking for but I enjoyed it enough – the plot really bothered me, which is what I really love in novels. I love how the ending was presented well 🙂

I’m just not a fan of the conversations between Amber and Mrs. Parrish – I found it too. It’s like they’re always meeting each other for the first time.

⭐4/5 Stars 

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The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins – Book Review

This is about a young woman who fell in love with one of the homeowners at Thornfield Estates. He fell in love with a perfect man – handsome, wealthy, generous, and caring. However, she’s about to be proven wrong when she started hearing rumors about how his ex wife went missing.

Gave it 3/5 on Goodreads. I loved the story and the plot twist, but I feel like the ending should’ve been explained further. If there were enough pages to discuss about the neighbor’s outfit and their activities – then the ending deserves a few more pages too.

⭐3/5 Stars 

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The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth – Book Review

It’s about 2 sisters, Fern & Rose. They are twins, but they are different in almost all ways. Both seem to care about each other, but one sister is hiding something – and got some real bad intention towards the other.

I gave this book 5/5 on Goodreads. I rarely give 5 star reviews – but this one is really good. I got lost in the book. It’s fast paced – to the point that I was surprised to find that I am already on the last few pages. I shed a tear on this book. This will be one of my favorite reads this year – even though this one is the first book I’ve read this year!

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Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (Book Review)

Purchase Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris via Amazon: https://amzn.to/3F2eyYm

What I liked about it:

Easy to read. It was such a short read for me, probably because I expected the novel to get more complicated. However, it is good that this was such an easy read – minimal characters, uncomplicated way of narration.
Plot. The plot will make me look forward to how the book will end. Since the story revolves around the wife, saving herself from her husband – wanting to know if they’d get held made me hang on to the story.

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