Since You Have a Journey (Poem #129)

It’s not

you go your way

and I’ll go mine

that feels like

saying goodbye

It’s also not

you go your way

and I’ll go there too

because that’s your journey

I’d either mess it up

or slow you down

So it’s gonna be

you’ll go your way

and I’ll stay

it’s not like I have a journey of my own

or something else to find

I found you, you’re now my home

what I am saying is

leave me for a while

then come back in time

you need that kind of adventure

you need to feed your soul

But I really hope that the road you’re taking

would lead you back to my door

you’d knock, I’d open up

and we’d both laugh

because it took you so long to realize

that you no longer have to search anymore

because all along,

I was the one you were looking for

She Stays (Poem #128)

I keep seeing you doing to her

whatever you’re doing to me

for so long you swore you loved me

but I knew for so long

you’ve always loved her too

I may have taken her place

but deep down I know

how much her memory stays

So everytime we come face to face

I dare not look deeper in your eyes

for I am afraid that I may see

thousand memories of her

behind a hundred traces of me

Just Like Other Girls Do (Poem #126)

There’s this thought

you’re dying to believe

my fingers crossed

that maybe you’ll be saved

a handful of coins that you have tossed

wishing this boy would finally change

Girl after girl

his ego soaring high

made promises of feelings he never really felt

ignored their tears

for he expected them to cry

but there you are

next in line

wondering why girls like you

always fall for such guy

The Pain I Wanted (Poem #125)

They talk as if you’re one great risk

I guess they’ll never understand

they talk as if you’d slash my wrist

instead of simply holding my hand

I am the damsel in distress

innocent at it’s best

and you are the knight

the kind that have always been reckless

You are the kind that would never think twice

when you rip one heart apart

I know I was well warned

but I was never alarmed

they told me it would hurt

and instead of being driven away

I was intrigued

I wanted the pain measured myself

Fast forward

and it ended slightly the way it should be

they were right

but I wasn’t wrong either

for it didn’t hurt as bad

yes he ripped my heart apart

but he did  it so gently

it was so sweet

so overwhelming

that I knew, that there could still be pleasure

when the heart is breaking

She’s the Tricky Kind (Poem #123)

She’s the kind

who’ll say I love you one second

but when you ask her again

she’ll just say nevermind


She’s the kind

who’ll want you so badly in a day

but the next day she’ll ask you to stay away


She may be the hardest one to understand

or maybe the only girl

with the most number of twists and turns

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Just For Tonight (Poem #122)

I guess tonight, I’ll cry myself to sleep

ashamed with how I handled the pain

I swore not to weep, ever again


These tears shed tonight

are tears tomorrow I’ll forget

and as it blurred my sight

I promised myself that when the night ends

it would be different

when the sun rises

it would be like your eyes and mine

have never met



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