Not the First but Just Like the Rest (Poem #121)

“You are my first”
are the words you crave to hear

You seek for girls and whisper in their ear:
“You are not the first one that I have loved
others may tell you how I screwed up my past
but everyday I’ll strive to gain your trust
you’re not my first but you’ll be my last”
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Settling on a Consolation (Poem #120)

It hurts to be the second choice

but still, I wrap my arms around you

because I know that it hurts to have me near you

when it’s her voice you’d rather hear


There may have been a tiny doubt

if with you I can still keep up

but then I asked myself

what am I whining about?

Can I just be glad to be on your list

even when I’m not on top?



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Love Unspoken (Poem #119)

You have a way

of making your words come to life

processed by my mind

and ending up in my heart

Meanwhile you strive to hear mine

thinking my love for you

would be proven through my words

I  could tell you everything you want to hear

but with it comes along my doubt

Maybe it really is love that I feel

maybe we both have different ways on showing

and maybe both could be real

I don’t know how to twirl my words

to make your heart soar to its peak

but trust me you’ll hear it through my heartbeat

so seal my lips and don’t ever let me speak.




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Hidden and Unknown (Poem #118)

I am not that artwork
hung on the wall
you can stare at me for days
and still be able to say
that what was shown on my face
wasn’t what I really felt

I am not an open book with pages to be devoured
it is an excerpt that you’ve read
that made you think
you know me so well
others may have accessed
as far as a single chapter
but trust me,
they still don’t know any better



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In A Rush (Poem #115)

The problem with you
has become my problem too
every rumor about what you did
before you decided to love me
was proven to be true

The problem with me
is that I can see
all the possibilities of you
doing again what you did before
but still I chose to stay near
as you leave me wanting more
as you tell me everything I’ve always wanted to hear

The problem with us
is we are both in a rush
for you, you want to make things fast
so you can get what you want
for me, I want to devour your love while it lasts
before I become nothing but a part of your past.


If My Heart Breaks (Poem #113)

Wouldn’t it be nice to prove them wrong?

Let the jaws drop of everyone

who said we couldn’t last this long

I was the one they continuously warned,

“He’ll break your heart

why are you willingly playing your part?”

Still in doubt

and not blinded by love

I could say that their rules were quite overrated

and obviously outdated
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Innocent Victims (Poem #112)

Never thought that there should be a pattern in love

or if it is just you and this scheme I don’t understand

Years in the making

you found out what’s the easiest way to get in

you track down innocent girls

blind them with diamonds and pearls

then you try to look innocent yourself

even when there’s a burst of wildness

within that you cannot help

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