Sorry Mom (Poem #2)

I lied when i said
I was out with some friends
I gained your trust after all these years
I’ve been very careful not to break it

if you ever ask about what i did
all i could say is,
he made me do it Continue reading Sorry Mom (Poem #2)

The Charming Quirks of Others (My Summary)

Isabel was in her niece’s cafe, when Jillian approached her. Jillian asked for her help because her husband Alex, received an anonymous letter. The letter mentioned the three candidates for the new school principal (which no one else knows about aside from the board members). It says that one of them could threaten the school’s reputation. She discovered a few things about the candidates. Continue reading The Charming Quirks of Others (My Summary)

Stranger Things Season 1 (Summary)

Date I finished watching it: April 30, 2017 (Season 1, Episode 1 to 7)

It started with the disappearance of Will Byers, a friend of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. He was on his bike on the way home when he fell and was followed by a monster as he ran into his house. He was captured to another dimension and was assumed to be dead. When Will disappeared, another kid appeared, her name was Eleven. She first approached a burger joint seller who reported her and was later killed. After they met in the woods, she ended up at Mike’s house as the boys looked for their friend Will. Continue reading Stranger Things Season 1 (Summary)

Girlboss Season 1 (Summary)

​Date I finished watching it: April 29, 2017 (Season 1, Episodes 1 – 13)

Sophia thought that she finally figured out life when a jacket she got for 9 bucks was sold for 600 dollars. However, she later discovered that she got a “Hernia” (she doesn’t know what that is), but the community doctor said that she soon had to undergo surgery, so she decided to get a job just to get health insurance. (In the middle of this season, I forgot what episode, her Hernia popped and was sent to the Hospital) Continue reading Girlboss Season 1 (Summary)

Riverdale Season 1 (Summary)

Date I finished watching it: April 24, 2017 (Season 1, Episodes 1-10)

​There was a new student at Riverdale High, Veronica Lodge. Veronica Lodge and her family (mother Hermione Lodge and father Hiram Lodge) used to be so rich until Hiram got caught and sent to prison. Veronica’s first friends were Betty Cooper and Archie. Betty always liked her best friend Archie, and when she told him about what she felt, he said that he didn’t look at her or love her that way. Also, Veronica and Archie were dared by Cheryl Blossom, and they ended up kissing in a closet, and when they got out, Betty was gone. After that incident, they managed to be friends again and even joined the cheerleading team led by Cheryl. Continue reading Riverdale Season 1 (Summary)

Big Little Lies (Season 1 Summary)

Date I finished watching it: April 23, 2017 (Season 1, Episode 1 to 7)

Jane Chapman is a single mom who just moved to a new town. Her first friend is Madeline Mackenzie, a very influential parent whom she met while they were on their way to her son’s school. Madeline introduced her to other parents like Renata, Nathan (Madeline’s ex-husband), Bonnie (Nathan’s new girlfriend), and Celeste (Madeline’s best friend). Continue reading Big Little Lies (Season 1 Summary)

13 Reasons Why (Season 1 Summary)

This series is the latest hype. This also changed my preferences with the kind of series that I watch. I usually watch Korean dramas, preferably fantasy and suspense. 13 reasons why I started my addiction to the NetFlix series. Continue reading 13 Reasons Why (Season 1 Summary)

You Were the Risk I Wanted (Poem #1)

In the end
I could still not say
that we never should’ve started
because if all along
I knew that you’d be a mistake
then i still would’ve kept assuring everyone
that i will not regret Continue reading You Were the Risk I Wanted (Poem #1)

4 Idle Phrases

Sometimes when i daydream, i end up jotting down phrases. Here are 4 random phrases and poems i have written this April.

​I guess it could’ve been so much better
if we met and looked at each other’s eyes
nodded, and went on our separate ways

but we started a fire
and burned along with it
we went against all odds
for a love story
that never should’ve started Continue reading 4 Idle Phrases