Recommended Tools & Products

These are the relevant tools, websites and applications I use to maintain this blog. Feel free to send us a message if you have questions on how to use them.


This is the website I use to make logos, portfolio, and edit photos in general. All featured photos on this site are created from Canva. All file are also stored on Canva – as it makes easier for us to edit the photos when needed. The pro account has features that are useful for us such as magic resize & background remover.


If you want to read more books but are having issue with eye strain & time management – audible is the perfect solution. It has a vast library with updated collection.

Increase the number of books you read, reach your yearly reading goal with the help of Audible.


Unlimited books, anyone? Got the time to read books after books? Individual books are kind of expensive – the cost ads up especially when you read a lot of books in month.
We highly recommend kindle unlimited, for just an affordable monthly subscription, you get access to over 1 million ebooks and thousands of audiobooks!