Make Sure It’s Really Love (Poem #8)

You have always been consumed
by the thought
of having someone to hold
someone to label your own
and to give yourself to
but darling, I’ve noticed
how you never bothered to listen
how you’ve always been too caught up
on your own problems
to realize that i am capable too
of being broken Continue reading Make Sure It’s Really Love (Poem #8)

I Just Hope This Happens (Poem #7)

I hope that the next time you’ll talk about love
your eyes will be shining
not from tears, but from happiness

I hope the next time his name’s brought up
your pulse will stay as it is
you wont flinch
you won’t close your eyes
you’d mention another name
and your face will light up again Continue reading I Just Hope This Happens (Poem #7)

After Her (Poem #6)

You’re probably smiling
for being free
drinks in the club
taking women
to get it through the night

Scrolled your way
pass through Tinder profiles
and ended up on someone else’s bed
but among all those girls you tasted
why is her name
still in your head? Continue reading After Her (Poem #6)

You Should’ve Known (Poem #4)

Your night of pleasure
is my lifetime heartbreak
You should’ve known

Another set of lies
will eventually
just make my heart shatter Continue reading You Should’ve Known (Poem #4)

Today’s Mistake (Poem #3)

Caring has become so rare
people mistake it as flirting
or simply needing something

Loving has become so rare
that people carry around checklists
of distorted standards
blinded by what society thinks is lovable
everyone unqualified
are mostly left alone Continue reading Today’s Mistake (Poem #3)

Sorry Mom (Poem #2)

I lied when i said
I was out with some friends
I gained your trust after all these years
I’ve been very careful not to break it

if you ever ask about what i did
all i could say is,
he made me do it Continue reading Sorry Mom (Poem #2)

You Were the Risk I Wanted (Poem #1)

In the end
I could still not say
that we never should’ve started
because if all along
I knew that you’d be a mistake
then i still would’ve kept assuring everyone
that i will not regret Continue reading You Were the Risk I Wanted (Poem #1)

4 Idle Phrases

Sometimes when i daydream, i end up jotting down phrases. Here are 4 random phrases and poems i have written this April.

​I guess it could’ve been so much better
if we met and looked at each other’s eyes
nodded, and went on our separate ways

but we started a fire
and burned along with it
we went against all odds
for a love story
that never should’ve started Continue reading 4 Idle Phrases