Famous Last Words by Katie Alender (Book Summary)

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Willa is a 17-year-old girl who just moved to Los Angeles because her mother married Jonathan’s wealthy film director.

They moved to Jonathan’s mansion, previously owned by a famous actress, Diana Delmar.

On Willa’s first day at the mansion, she tried summoning her father through a technique she learned from a book she found in the library. She had already attempted invoking her father multiple times, but she just couldn’t reach him. She wanted to talk to him because she still blames herself for his death. Before Paul (Willa’s father) died, they had an argument about her boyfriend. They were swimming in the pool, and Willa walked out on him. When she comes back, Paul is already dead. She blamed herself because she thought that she had caused the heart attack. Continue reading Famous Last Words by Katie Alender (Book Summary)