A Date for Mad Mary (Movie Summary)

Mary just got out of prison (she stayed there for 6 months) and returned days before her best friend Charlene’s wedding day. She noticed that Charlene had changed. She was also pressured to have a date since she felt left out. She searched for dates, but nothing worked out. She ended up hooking up with Jess, who was the videographer for Charlene’s wedding. (She was confused since she never knew she liked girls.) They ended up not working out since Jess felt like Mary was using her for the sake of whatever Charlene may say. The wedding ended well with Charlene and Mary dancing and talking. The movie ended with Mary picking up a phone call while smiling. Continue reading A Date for Mad Mary (Movie Summary)

UNindian (Movie Summary)

Mira recently moved to her new house in Australia, together with her daughter Smitha. She lives near her parents, who check her out every once in a while. Her parents also set her up to men they think are rich and a good catch. When they were at an event called Holi, she encountered Will, whom she had thrown holi powder too, but was wearing a white blazer. Continue reading UNindian (Movie Summary)

Bad Hair Day (Movie Summary)

Monica was very ready for prom (dress, sandals, and hairstyle). She created an online poll, and everybody approved. She was hopeful that she was going to win until she woke up the next day with a bad hair day, and her sandals and dress (mostly made of plastic) were melted. Continue reading Bad Hair Day (Movie Summary)

Stranger Things Season 1 (Summary)

Date I finished watching it: April 30, 2017 (Season 1, Episode 1 to 7)

It started with the disappearance of Will Byers, a friend of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. He was on his bike on the way home when he fell and was followed by a monster as he ran into his house. He was captured to another dimension and was assumed to be dead. When Will disappeared, another kid appeared, her name was Eleven. She first approached a burger joint seller who reported her and was later killed. After they met in the woods, she ended up at Mike’s house as the boys looked for their friend Will. Continue reading Stranger Things Season 1 (Summary)

Girlboss Season 1 (Summary)

​Date I finished watching it: April 29, 2017 (Season 1, Episodes 1 – 13)

Sophia thought that she finally figured out life when a jacket she got for 9 bucks was sold for 600 dollars. However, she later discovered that she got a “Hernia” (she doesn’t know what that is), but the community doctor said that she soon had to undergo surgery, so she decided to get a job just to get health insurance. (In the middle of this season, I forgot what episode, her Hernia popped and was sent to the Hospital) Continue reading Girlboss Season 1 (Summary)

Riverdale Season 1 (Summary)

Date I finished watching it: April 24, 2017 (Season 1, Episodes 1-10)

​There was a new student at Riverdale High, Veronica Lodge. Veronica Lodge and her family (mother Hermione Lodge and father Hiram Lodge) used to be so rich until Hiram got caught and sent to prison. Veronica’s first friends were Betty Cooper and Archie. Betty always liked her best friend Archie, and when she told him about what she felt, he said that he didn’t look at her or love her that way. Also, Veronica and Archie were dared by Cheryl Blossom, and they ended up kissing in a closet, and when they got out, Betty was gone. After that incident, they managed to be friends again and even joined the cheerleading team led by Cheryl. Continue reading Riverdale Season 1 (Summary)

Big Little Lies (Season 1 Summary)

Date I finished watching it: April 23, 2017 (Season 1, Episode 1 to 7)

Jane Chapman is a single mom who just moved to a new town. Her first friend is Madeline Mackenzie, a very influential parent whom she met while they were on their way to her son’s school. Madeline introduced her to other parents like Renata, Nathan (Madeline’s ex-husband), Bonnie (Nathan’s new girlfriend), and Celeste (Madeline’s best friend). Continue reading Big Little Lies (Season 1 Summary)

13 Reasons Why (Season 1 Summary)

This series is the latest hype. This also changed my preferences with the kind of series that I watch. I usually watch Korean dramas, preferably fantasy and suspense. 13 reasons why I started my addiction to the NetFlix series. Continue reading 13 Reasons Why (Season 1 Summary)