Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (Book Summary)

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Camille Preaker is a reporter who was asked to go back to her hometown to cover what happened to two young girls. She personally doesn’t want to go back because she doesn’t have a good relationship with her mother. They didn’t get into a major fight. She just knows that they can’t stand each other. Her mother, Adora, has a husband named Alan and another daughter named Emma. Emma is Camille’s half-sister. Another sister named Mary Anne used to be, but she had already died many years ago.

When she arrived, the residents were helping look for Natasha, the 2nd victim. The first victim was Anne. Natasha’s body was eventually found, and just like Anne, all of her teeth were removed. Continue reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (Book Summary)

Run Away by Harlan Coben (Book Summary)

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Simon and Ingrid have 3 children: Anya, Sam, and Paige. The oldest, Paige, is a drug addict and has run away with Aaron. Simon and Ingrid stopped looking for Paige since she was already hopeless.

Simon was informed that Paige had been playing in the park, so he went there and so Paige. She is fragile, and when Simon approaches her, Aaron appears and takes Paige away from him. Out of anger for what he has done to Paige, Simon punches Aaron. Someone took a video and uploaded it online. Most people who saw it hated Simon for bullying a homeless man. Continue reading Run Away by Harlan Coben (Book Summary)

Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra (Book Summary)

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A young woman was caught shoplifting, and to be able to get herself out of a situation, she lied and claimed that she was Rebecca Winter.

Rebecca Winter was known as the girl who was abducted 11 years ago. The young woman who claims to be her saw her on the television and immediately noticed how they looked alike.

This young woman, now Rebecca’s imposter, ran away from home. She is not on good terms with her father and stepmother. She has already been living in the streets, but her life was about to change when she claimed that she was Rebecca. Continue reading Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra (Book Summary)

The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth (Book Summary)

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Essie lives in Pleasant Court with her husband, Ben, and two children, Mia and Polly. When Mia was still a baby, Essie went into port Partum depression. She just left Mia in the park. She went home and her mother, Barbara, asked her where Mia was. Fortunately, when they went back to the park, Mia was still in the same spot she left her.

Polly is Essie’s second baby, and she is trying to make everything right this time. Barbara has also moved to a house in Pleasant Court to help her. Continue reading The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth (Book Summary)

Famous Last Words by Katie Alender (Book Summary)

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Willa is a 17-year-old girl who just moved to Los Angeles because her mother married Jonathan’s wealthy film director.

They moved to Jonathan’s mansion, previously owned by a famous actress, Diana Delmar.

On Willa’s first day at the mansion, she tried summoning her father through a technique she learned from a book she found in the library. She had already attempted invoking her father multiple times, but she just couldn’t reach him. She wanted to talk to him because she still blames herself for his death. Before Paul (Willa’s father) died, they had an argument about her boyfriend. They were swimming in the pool, and Willa walked out on him. When she comes back, Paul is already dead. She blamed herself because she thought that she had caused the heart attack. Continue reading Famous Last Words by Katie Alender (Book Summary)

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager (Book Summary)

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Jules Larson got a new job as an apartment sitter at Bartholomew, and she felt delighted. She is currently sleeping at her best friend’s apartment since she could not afford to rent her own yet. She lost her job on the same day she lost her boyfriend. When she got home from her last day at work, she found her boyfriend in the apartment they rented, screwing another woman. Aside from Chloe, she has no one. Her parents are dead, her only sister, Jane, has been missing for years or probably already dead.

Jules thinks that staying at Bartholomew will be perfect for her. She will only need to stay there for three months, and she will be paid $4,000 per month. Even though Chloe is skeptical about this, Jules insists on grabbing the job. Continue reading Lock Every Door by Riley Sager (Book Summary)

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks (Book Summary)

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Jessica is a freelance makeup artist at BeautyBuzz. She has always been on a tight budget – she has to pay rent and help her sister’s medical bills.

On one of her makeup sessions, she saw a chance to earn more. Jessica heard from her client named Taylor that she has an appointment tomorrow morning, which will pay her $500 – and Taylor is planning to cancel. Jessica decided to grab that opportunity. While Taylor was away, she listened to the voicemail and remembered the clinic’s address for the appointment. Continue reading An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks (Book Summary)

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides (Book Summary)

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Alicia Berenson is currently a patient at the Grove. She used to be a famous painter and was married to Gabriel. It used to be a perfect life – but then she shot her husband. A neighbor called the police, and when they arrived, they found Gabriel’s dead body, and beside him was Alicia, who appeared to be in shock. Since that night, Alicia never said anything. She was put into trial and later on became a patient at the Grove. Continue reading The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides (Book Summary)

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (Book Summary)

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The story starts with Starr Carter attending a party at Garden Heights with her friend, Kenya. Kenya introduced Starr to her friends but was later on the left alone. Starr stood alone until Khalil approached her.

Khalil is Starr’s childhood best friend, but they haven’t seen each other for months. Starr noticed that Khalil is doing better – the way he’s dressed, his new shoes.. she’s not sure where he got the money from. Khalil’s mother is a crackhead, and they are living with his grandmother Rosalie. But Rosalie was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Continue reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (Book Summary)

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton (Book Summary)

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The story is narrated by Grace Reeves, 98 years old. She was invited by the filmmaker Ursula. Ursula is making a film about what happened at Riverton, and she wanted to get Grace’s opinion about it – since Grace worked as a housemaid at Riverton when she was young.

Here is what happened at Riverton, based on Grace’s memories/flashbacks:

Grace arrived at Riverton at the age of 14. A few months in her service, she met the children of Mr. FrederickEmmeline, Hannah, and David. David is the eldest, and Emmeline is the youngest. Typically, just the three of them play, but there was one Christmas vacation where they had a companion – Robbie Hunter. A friend of David. He briefly stayed at Riverton and played with the siblings, but Hannah does not join the most of the time. She is not happy that Robbie is joining them because it means they can’t play The Game. The Game is an adventure game that the siblings created, and it can only be played by 3. Continue reading The House at Riverton by Kate Morton (Book Summary)