Your Past Lover and I (Poem #30)

You had her a little too early
and I, a little too late

She was the kind that fills up your mind at 3 AM
with words she wished she could’ve said thru her hands
and when with her you thought you were done
you tossed her away
not knowing that with your actions
it’s still you who has to pay Continue reading Your Past Lover and I (Poem #30)

What Was Your First Love Like? (Poem #27)

My first love was like a bottle of wine
It has always been good for the heart
but it messed up my mind
after a while

My first love was like a roller coaster ride
all the time I knew I had to get off
but then I keep my grip tight
with a huge smile even though I know
I shouldn’t have gotten in it in the first place Continue reading What Was Your First Love Like? (Poem #27)

The Past Should Stay Where It Is (Poem #25)

I wonder how we could talk about love
like it was the worst thing that ever happened
or what made up of everything that once were before it ended, was never worth it

I wonder how we carry around love
like it’s the worst thing we ever had
we kill it, and spit on its grave
look for another, and then do the same Continue reading The Past Should Stay Where It Is (Poem #25)

My Past (Poem #14)

I bet you never had sleepless nights
where you just open your eyes
and stare at the ceiling
just to keep wondering
how the touch
of the first guy i loved felt like

or how i cried
when i realized that the spark between us died

or how the love faded
when he decided it’s time
when I was miserable
and he was totally fine Continue reading My Past (Poem #14)