Hangover (Poem #28)

I could never dare look at you in the eye
but when once i did
I swear the way I stared
could’ve had you killed

I may have said when I looked at you
that I was drunk the entire relationship
but did you ever wonder what I meant when I said that? Continue reading Hangover (Poem #28)

What Was Your First Love Like? (Poem #27)

My first love was like a bottle of wine
It has always been good for the heart
but it messed up my mind
after a while

My first love was like a roller coaster ride
all the time I knew I had to get off
but then I keep my grip tight
with a huge smile even though I know
I shouldn’t have gotten in it in the first place Continue reading What Was Your First Love Like? (Poem #27)

You’re Not Ready for Me (Poem #26)

On the day we started
I asked about the girl you loved first
you spit her name like it was the nastiest thing you ever tasted
and I told myself that maybe,
you now hate her too much to still be in love

But on the days that came
after seeing you again and again
I noticed how you no longer mention about the pain Continue reading You’re Not Ready for Me (Poem #26)

The Past Should Stay Where It Is (Poem #25)

I wonder how we could talk about love
like it was the worst thing that ever happened
or what made up of everything that once were before it ended, was never worth it

I wonder how we carry around love
like it’s the worst thing we ever had
we kill it, and spit on its grave
look for another, and then do the same Continue reading The Past Should Stay Where It Is (Poem #25)

Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Poem #24)

In the beginning,
it has always been our mantra everytime there exists doubts
we would say,
whatever will be, will be

So today, years after we started
you knocked on my door
and although we could say that we already ended,
I knew I should’ve said
“Welcome home” with arms wide open
because maybe if i hugged you when you showed up
instead of simply asking what your visit was all about
then maybe you would’ve talked about how much you missed me
instead of:

“Remember how we said,
whatever will be, will be?”
You asked, and I nodded.
“Everything that happens,
have already been written n the stars.
Two people, no matter how far,
once destined,
will eventually find themselves in each other’s arms. Continue reading Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Poem #24)

I Think I Killed Us (Poem #23)

“I Think I Killed Us”
Those phrases were like bees buzzing in my ear
no matter how I try to escape
it’s all I seem to hear

“Cheat before he does, or play games before you get played.”
It’s hard ignoring those words
it’s hard being blamed for my pain
it’s hard seeing potential men
and then use the ones that can help me
to protect myself so that when you finally cheat
it wouldn’t hurt as much Continue reading I Think I Killed Us (Poem #23)

Theory on Why People Play Safe in Love (Poem #22)

He was ashes when you met him
all burnt out from the fire brought by his past
he was scattered and ripped all over
just a little intact to reach out to you

You were untouched when he met you
with heat from within
the fire inside you burnt just enough
to drag him up and once again,
make him whole

You gave your all
set yourself on fire to bring him back his life
you broke your wall, risked your soul
without the knowledge
that while you were pushing him towards the middle
you brought yourself towards the edge Continue reading Theory on Why People Play Safe in Love (Poem #22)

Dear Friends (Poem #21)

“A hundred men that has not yet come
are you sure it’s him you really want?
Loads of fun you could miss out
how could you say that he’s the one,
without any doubt?”

That’s what you’ve been telling me
yes I know there are faces I have yet to see
so don’t even think that I’m settling down
just because I always want him around Continue reading Dear Friends (Poem #21)

I Should’ve Asked (Poem #20)

You always have a way of telling me to stop
When I pour hot water in a cup
you’d tap me on my shoulder and say,
“stop right there, it would lose its flavor”

When I work too hard and it’s nearly 3 o’clock
you’d rub my back and say
“come to bed, you had enough”

When I missed a deadline
and I couldn’t stop crying
you stayed by my side and said
“don’t stress over a job,
you’re better than that” Continue reading I Should’ve Asked (Poem #20)

I Tried Writing for You (Poem #19)

I forced myself to write about you tonight
I positioned the pen to bleed just right
I wanted to write something I could be proud of
something I could dare hand you
instead of the ussual phrases
that I used to bleed
where I simply put my heart in my hand
and create pieces that only I could understand Continue reading I Tried Writing for You (Poem #19)