Lock Every Door by Riley Sager (Book Summary)

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Jules Larson got a new job as an apartment sitter at Bartholomew, and she felt delighted. She is currently sleeping at her best friend’s apartment since she could not afford to rent her own yet. She lost her job on the same day she lost her boyfriend. When she got home from her last day at work, she found her boyfriend in the apartment they rented, screwing another woman. Aside from Chloe, she has no one. Her parents are dead, her only sister, Jane, has been missing for years or probably already dead.

Jules thinks that staying at Bartholomew will be perfect for her. She will only need to stay there for three months, and she will be paid $4,000 per month. Even though Chloe is skeptical about this, Jules insists on grabbing the job. Continue reading Lock Every Door by Riley Sager (Book Summary)