Russian Doll Season 1 (Summary)

Russian Doll Season 1 Summary


Nadia Vulvokov celebrated her 36th birthday and got hit by a taxi while trying to chase her cat, Oatmeal. She relived her birthday again and felt like she was experiencing déjà vu. She ended up falling off the river while looking for her cat that had disappeared from her lap. She relived her birthday for the 3rd time and told herself to be careful. Continue reading Russian Doll Season 1 (Summary)

The Stranger  Season 1 (Summary)

The Stranger  Season 1 Summary


During a game in his son’s school, Adam Price was approached by a female stranger. She told Adam that his wife, Corinne Price, had faked her pregnancy. She told him to look for a charge on their account called Novelty Funny.

Adam confirmed that there was a charge, and it was to help Corinne fake her pregnancy.

Adam confronted Corinne about this, but she simply told him that he couldn’t tell him yet as there was more to it. Corinne disappeared and texted Adam that she needed time away.

Adam and Corinne’s son, Thomas Price, went to a party last night which involved a dead alpaca and an almost dead kid left naked in a forest. Continue reading The Stranger  Season 1 (Summary)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 (Summary)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Summary.


There was a note in Sheila and Joel’s house – a warning that the Serbian Knights are coming. They are unsure what it means, but they know it’s something to do with what Sheila is going through. 

Shiela’s next victim is another Nazi, but she couldn’t eat him entirely because he called his friends and Sheila had to call Anne.

Anne is still convinced that Sheila is an instrument of God and is doing miraculous things. She is now worshiping and helping her. Continue reading Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 (Summary)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 (Summary)

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Summary


Sheila and Joel Hammond are realtors. While showing a home, Sheila suddenly threw up a lot. When she got home, she could no longer feel her heartbeat. They asked their neighbor’s son, Eric Bemis – he told them to make sure Sheila never gets hungry.

Sheila met a new realtor named Gary West, who obviously fancied her. Gary tried to have sex with her, but she ended up killing and eating him. Continue reading Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 (Summary)

The Politician Season 1 (Summary)

The Politician Season 1 Summary


Payton Hobart is running as a school’s president, and his opponent, River Barkley, looks like he’s winning the race. Payton went to River’s house and confronted him – then River shot himself as Payton watched.

It was revealed that 18 months earlier, River was Payton‘s Mandarin tutor, and the two of them connected emotionally.

After the river’s death, his girlfriend Astrid Sloan announced that she would be running as a substitute for the river.

Payton was frustrated to only be wait-listed for Harvard. His girlfriend, Alice Charles, was able to get in.

To help win against Astrid, Payton recruited a vice president that would capture the hearts of the voters. He recruited Infinity Jackson, who has cancer. But while infinity was giving a speech, someone told Payton that Infinity was only faking her illness. Continue reading The Politician Season 1 (Summary)

Hi Bye Mama (Full Summary)

Hi Bye Mama Full Summary


Cha Yu Ri has been dead for 5 years, but she stayed by her daughter’s side to watch her. (She died after getting hit by a car). Her husband, Jo Kang Hwa, whom she married at age 28, has remarried. Yu Ri was contented with just looking after her daughter, Seo Woo, but then she discovered that Seo Woo could see her. Seo Woo was even sent to the hospital because she fainted after ending up in a freezer while playing with a ghost. Yu Ri got worried about Seo Woo since she could see ghosts – she cried and cried, and it rained hard. The next day while looking at her daughter, something strange happened – Kang Hwa caught her eye and stared at her for a long time. The snow melted on her shoulder, and someone just bumped into her…

Continue reading Hi Bye Mama (Full Summary)

Locke and Key Season 1 (Summary)

Locke & Key Season 1 Summary


After the death of his husband, Nina Locke moved her family (Locke siblings – Bode, Kinsey & Tyler) to Matheson, where the Key House is. The critical house is enormous – it is where Nina’s husband, Rendell Locke, lived.

On their first night, the youngest child Bode discovered the well and the girl in it, the healthy lady. Bode revisited her, and she told him that the house was filled with Keys that contained magical powers.

The first Key he found was they that can take you anywhere – he got it from his sister Kinsey’s bracelet. Continue reading Locke and Key Season 1 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 3 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 3 Summary


Michael kept going back on earth to make sure Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason met and helped each other. When they were already together to participate in Chidi’s study – another participant showed up – Trevor. He is a demon from the wrong place.


Since Trevor is trying to intervene, Michael and Janet also go to earth to ensure everything is going well. The judge discovered them and banned them from land, but Michael and Janet escaped to the world. Continue reading The Good Place Season 3 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 1 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 1 Summary


Eleanor Shellstrop died and ended up in a suitable place, but there has been a mistake – she was wawasn’the lawyer who helped innocent people on death row. She knows that shshe’sot meant to be in a good place but shshe’serrified of the wrong place. The excellent place experienced giant flying bugs, shrimps, and giraffes because Eleanor was horrible at the people during a party. Continue reading The Good Place Season 1 (Summary)