The Politician Season 1 (Summary)

The Politician Season 1 Summary


Payton Hobart is running as a school’s president, and his opponent, River Barkley, looks like he’s winning the race. Payton went to River’s house and confronted him – then River shot himself as Payton watched.

It was revealed that 18 months earlier, River was Payton‘s Mandarin tutor, and the two of them connected emotionally.

After the river’s death, his girlfriend Astrid Sloan announced that she would be running as a substitute for the river.

Payton was frustrated to only be wait-listed for Harvard. His girlfriend, Alice Charles, was able to get in.

To help win against Astrid, Payton recruited a vice president that would capture the hearts of the voters. He recruited Infinity Jackson, who has cancer. But while infinity was giving a speech, someone told Payton that Infinity was only faking her illness. Continue reading The Politician Season 1 (Summary)